The key Hole

Once upon a time there was a man who was on vacation and he decided to spend some of it in a hotel. He arrived at the hotel and one of the workers there had warned him about the room with no number. He was told to not open the door in any way. He got a little scared but decided not to let it bother him. The next day he felt a little curious and decided to take a peek through the Key Hole. All he saw was a person in all white, their back facing the door, and their head banging against the wall. He got pretty freaked out so he just went on with his day. A little later he went to go see it again, but all he saw was red, just red. He got curious so he went to go ask the worker what happened and he was informed that there was once someone who visited  there that had died from a accident and she is still there and haunts it. He was also told that she had pale white skin and RED eyes.

What he did not know before, was that the ghost of the person saw him through their RED eyes.

2 thoughts on “The key Hole

  1. Very good idea! I like how you were very describtive on how the girl looked. It was so describtive it reminded me of a movie I watched!!

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