My Bestest Friend, Lai Lai

Lai Lai is an awesome girl.  Her are some things about her. She loves entertaining people, sports, She loves soft ball. She loves animals her favorite animals are, Dogs, Horses, Turtle, And Owls. Her favorite color is Blue like me. One of her favorite food is mashed potatoes. Her favorite friend is Jenny, Anna, and me. Her favorite song is Piece by piece.  She is always by my side if I need her. she always makes my day more cheerful and fun. She takes her work really seriously and also has fun. She lives where I live so we are always outside playing sometimes we go out and get Starbucks or go out and eat. And sometimes we have sleepovers and we always have soda or Starbucks with hot Cheetos or regular chips and candy like sour candy like warheads.  And sweet candy like starburst. We watch a movie before we go to sleep.  She is amazing and she is a wonderful girl to be around she is the BEST FRIEND EVER and I don’t know what I would do without her. Also,     Her favorite song is LIKE THAT also mine too! She listens to all kinds of music tough anyway me and her like to play in this area in my apartment complex and also in her other friends place because she has a park and I love the tire swing and when lai lai pushes me. Once she was on the tire swing and her legs where out and hit my brother right in the face and also once she was pushing me and she was running and she fell it was so funny. Maybe Jenny might come over Thursday yay! Me and her have a special place we go it is right outside of my apartment  complex and it’s a rock. Lol. Her favorite movie is the jungle book yes the jungle book don’t make fun of her and when she’s older she wants to move to New York. She doesn’t know yet though  also her favorite history person is ANNE FRANK really she has done so many projects on her and respect she is like an expert on her her favorite time at school is recedes and lunch because she hang out with me and Jenny and Anna. But sometimes Jenny and Anna can make her sad ( most of the time ) so I am there to save the day yay! She is the best!

5 thoughts on “My Bestest Friend, Lai Lai

  1. Amy you are an amazing friend and everyone should think that you are a gift for them. A wonderful gift that is always by your side. No one in the world should replace you. You are also a really good writer and write about your friends and not yourself. I request a story about you.

  2. Amy your such a great friend to have by my side. But I have a question why did you pick to write about me out of anything in the world you picked me? That just shows you have a kind heart.

  3. I like how you’re comparing you with your best friend and how much you guys have in common! Like how you and her like the song Like That.

  4. I like the way you mentioned what type of food you eat and being very detailed with your writing . You where very detailed with what you two do together . Do you know if you will go to New York City with her ?

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