How I celebrate Halloween.

Photo Credit: KittenSloan via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: KittenSloan via Compfight cc

I celebrate Halloween by getting costumes and going trick-or-treating. My little brother is going to be Hulk this year, and I’m going to be Batgirl. I picked Batgirl because I thought my little brother was going to be batman because while we where in the car he was screaming ” BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN”.

So that’s what made me think. So when we where in the store we split up. My mom came with me to pick my costume and my older brother went with my little brother. While my mom and I where walking I was thinking” it would be a good idea for me to be Batgirl and my little brother batman since we are brother and sister”. so we got them and we left i did not notice he got hulk until we got home.

We go trick-or-treating- at night because it’s much funner to see kids with their costumes. We go all over the neighborhood sometimes we even go farther.We go all over the place and try not to skip a house so we can get a lot of candy. After that we get a lot of candy we go home. When we get home we put all of our candy on the carpet to see if the candy is opened or squished, because you never know if someone poisoned it or put something bad for you and you can get really sick. Well that’s how I celebrate Halloween.

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