Video for Research

I love that I am still learning new things from my students. We are currently working on our informational writing unit. The students are busy searching the internet for article on various environmental topics. We did a lesson on using videos from Discovery Education as a way to increase our knowledge about difficult, complex topics. Often video is easier to understand and gives necessary background knowledge before tackling the academic language in their articles.

As I was walking around today I noticed several students watching videos that were not from Discovery Education. When I asked them about it, they introduced me to a new, free source for educational videos. I am so pleased to see my students finding new resources on their own and sharing what they find. If you have had any experience with using videos for research or this site please share your experience.

The Airship Fortress Part 1 A CHEEP CHEEP!???



Hello, my name is Spencer and I live in a Toad Village in Paper Mario Sticker Star Land (Picture above is from Paper Mario Sticker Star). Right now I am setting up a boat to travel to the Airship to defeat Bowser. But I need the last part, but where was the last part? I need a motor for the boat, which came with the steering wheel. I saw a Toad walking toward a basement so I followed.

He lead me into a dark room, I couldn’t see anything, but I had a lightbulb, so I connected it with a light that was really faded. The light turned on, and I saw the motor with the steering wheel on 3 boxes! I was saved, but before I grabbed it the Toad asked a question:

“Are You Spencer?”


“Your free to take that if you want to, and thanks so much for making this light bigger in here.

So, I ran back to the boat to put on the motor and the steering wheel to go on my adventure. But, all of a sudden, a big giant group of Toads ran towards me, and soon, I saw a giant Cheep Cheep crash into building, and throwing Toads at me. All of the Toads huddled behind me with there scared faces. Some girls, some boys, but I had to find a way to destroy this cheep cheep.

I ran to the ship, and found this hurl hammer I never saw before. I decided to give it a try. So, I hit the cheep cheep, but it didn’t go away, it just threw more Toads at me. Soon, there were more then 10,000 toads behind me huddling. I had no choice, so I got a giant narwhal, and whacked him (I didn’t use the spike), and he started to cry. I gave him a nice chocolate cake, and he started to cry tears of joy. I decided to let a Toad go on his back, and  Alleluia! The Toad was riding him for hours, until it was all of us’s turns to go on. So, with all my Toad friends, we rode the Cheep Cheep to Bowser’s castle to show who’s boss!

To be Continued…


Spencer (ToadOnStrike1 x)

Penny boarding in my driveway

For Christmas I got a brand new penny board! I was so excited that I had gotten a new penny board! so of course I asked my my dad to move the cars in the driveway so I could ride it. The reason I liked this thing so much is because it’s PINK with PURPLE wheels and is super easy to ride. at first when I got it I rode it standing up but that was BORING so I got in sitting position and moved myself with my hands and to turn a I leaned to one side then the other shifting my wait back and forth. This was MUCH funer and I did not have to focus on balance! And when I went in the back yard to to it it was even FUNER

cause we had a brick path that was so bumby by it was almost as if it was a roller coaster!! And Annie (my dog ) is always tugging me off! It’s really annoying. Anyway all I’m saying is that my penny board is AWESOME!! So I thank my mom and dad for the great idea of buying me a penny board!!!

My best Christmas ever!

It was December 25th 2015, my dad had just woke me up. My family mom, dad, my brother, grandma, and I we all waiting, for my grandma Linda. So of course my brother had to open his presents first so I opened mine last I already gave my mom and dad there presents. so I finally got to open mine so I got a purse from my mom two Indian books from my grandma Brenda $100 from my grandma Linda and then I thought I didn’t have anymore parents so I helped pick up the wrapping paper. happy about what I got I didn’t even ask for any of that they just got me it how sweet then my mom said “go look under the Christmas tree” so I looked under and I saw one last gift I thought it was for Evan. but then I saw my name it was beautiful how it was wrapped with silver sparkly wrapping paper I opened it my dad said “its perfume” and my mom gave him like an stink eye and said stop, I opened thinking it was perfume but the I saw the apple sign and I flipped out. because I have been asking for any iPhone and my mom got me the iPhone 6s rose gold, and then there was a bag that had my case in it I flipped out. I was like omg oh my gosh no way so then I thought wait some parents like to trick you and put like ha you got tricked but no I got the real deal, and that was the best Christmas ever for me I got too see more family and I got 2 iTunes gift cards, one target gift card ,perfume, and 20 bucks plus the 100 I had and 10 more bucks and then I got 30 more dollars so in total I had $160 dollars oh and I got a Starbucks gift card so yea that was my best Christmas ever!

If I Were 18 …

If I were 18 and if I had 3 weeks off for a break I will travel the world. I’ll go to Iran and Russia then Cuba. To visit family that I never met before that lives in Iran. First I will pay for the ticket a week before I go. The plane ticket will cost $1200 each person for a plane ride to Iran. It will cost $2800 for a ride to Russia. The plane ride for Cuba will cost $2000. I will pack cloth, Backpack, Phone, Luggage. I will go with my family Father, Mother, Brother, 2 Dogs. I will go to Iran first. My father knows how to speak farsi so he’s going to help us out a little bit. My budget for Iran is $4000. I’m going to buy a souvenir and Take a family photo but, first i’m going to go to  a hotel called the Persian Evin Hotel for a week witch cost $600 for 4 rooms. That means I have $3400 left. The souvenir that i’m going to get is the Persian carpets that are $2000. That means I have $1400. It’s been 4 days and I want to do something that involves with action. I was thinking to go ziplining with my family for 2 hours. The ziplining cost $300 for the whole family. It’s time to go to Russia. My budget for Russian is $3400. The price was $3000 but I still have $400 dollars from Iran. The plane ride was 4 hours long. My family are going to the Russian Museum, After we found a hotel. The Hotel Metropol Moscow witch cost $2000 for 4 people room. That means I have $1400 left. We went to the 5 star restaurant called Bolshoy. Were going to sky dive at Aerograd Kolomna witch cost $1200 for everyone. Its Cuba Time! My mom know how to speak spanish she is also going to help us out. My budget is $4200 (Plus money from Russia). It took 2 days to find a hotel The Cayo Largo because we landed in the other side of Cuba. We rented a Honda Odyssey 2004 to in for a night. My dad was sleeping in the trunk. My mom is sleeping on the passenger seat. My brother is sleeping behind my mom. I sleep on the other side of my brother. The hotel cost $3000 for 4 rooms. After couple day we got bored so we desided to go scuba diving. As we went down I saw a Clown fish and a jelly fish. My brother saw a turtle and a clam. Mom saw a dolphin and shrimp. Dad saw a lobster and a whale shark. It’s time to go home. I had an amazing adventure traveling the world with my family. There are stuff I did’nt know exist.

*How much total money did I bring to the trip?


2 countries that I would stay at for a year are England and China. England also speaks English like America. They just have an accent and some different words that we don’t use like cheerio’ pip pip. Chinese use an entirely different language. Like Ni hao wo-duh ming-d’zih Yi en. That means Hello my name is Ian.Depending on what you want prices at Starbucks in England are from $1.60 and $3.40. In China prices at Starbucks a latte is  as high as $4.40. England is 8 hours ahead of England and China is 15 hours ahead of California.

I will travel by plane. The weight limit on most planes is 50 pounds. I would pack clothes, a camera, books, pictures of my family and friends, my wallet, and my Iphone. I will stay in an apartment or small house. I would want it to be low matnince. My budget will be 5,000 dollars. I would use part of the money to get tickets for the plane and then I would use the rest to start me off with an apartment. Once I get the apartment I would get a job so I can make money.

Traveling when I’m 18





When I’m 18 I’m going to travel to Canada, Montreal. The stuff I need to pack is clothes,computer,phone, and money. And I will travel by airplane from California to Canada. And I saved $10,000 for my college and life and I called the hotel to see if I had a room and I payed them for a room.


Telling My Friends About My Trip

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When I come back from my trip, I would tell my friends the whole story about my journey. This is what I would say, ”I have missed you so much, I had a lot of fun on my trip!” ”While I was on the plane I looked out the window and just stared at the clouds.” ”I heard that there was going to be a turbulence. I got really scared because that has never happened before but I tried to calm down by breathing in and out. After about 10 minutes nothing happened so I stood up and asked the flight attendant when the turbulence was going to start just so I could be ready. She said that they made a mistake and we weren’t going to have one. I was so realived because I was really scared. I just said, ”Thank you.” to the flight attendant and went back to my seat.

After a while I was really tired so I just went to sleep. When I woke up I saw this beautiful country as I looked out the window. I saw beautiful towers and lakes and everything, it was like I was in a dream. As I was waking up I heard we were landing, I was really excited because I was in the plane for 9 to 10 hours and was really bored. When we landed I got my bags and rushed outside to France. I was planning to stay there for 5 months so I needed to get a job but first I went to my hotel room.

After a while I went to explore Paris, France, I went walking to this restaurant across the street from my hotel. It looked very different from CA but I got used to it. I kept looking for a job or even jobs because I didn’t have enough money to stay there for 5 months. 1 week past and I finally got a job I was so happy because I was almost running out of money. 4 months had passed, I lost my job but soon got another one. I had one month left in Paris, France so I decided to fly to another country. I did have enough money to pay for another flight because I saved some from my job. I wanted to go to Italy because I heard it was a beautiful place and because it only took about 2 hours to get there. When I was on the plane I just read a book because it was going to be a fast flight. It was also as beautiful as France, so I stayed there for 1 month then left back home. But that month was the best month ever. The food was delicious, the stores, the…… everything was awesome.

That is my story about my traveling I hope you enjoyed it.


If I could travel to three places I would travel to Alaska, hawaii and New york. I would travel to Alaska because I’d like to go dog sleding there and I like the cold it would also never be to hot. Befor I go I would buy a huskey to keep me compeny plus it wont get cold. I would probley eat sandwiches bdcause you cant eat out. I would stay there for two days. Then after that I would go to hawaii there it is the oppisit of Alaska because it is hot over there I would travle by plane to get there. While i’m there I would go to one of there feast

I’m going off

I would love to go to japan and Australia. I would like to be in japan for three weeks and if I go to australia i would live there. I would like to be in Japan for about three weeks. If I went to Japan I would buy so many Pokemon stuff toy and I would buy pj of pikachu. If I was in Australia I wouldn’t buy much but I would eat at outback like a million times