Sledding in Northern California

Sledding in Northern California
Noooooo! I yelled as my brother pushed me down the hill! I hit the jump and got a lot of air! Anyway, I’ll get to that later in the story.

The trip up to Northern California took 13 hours of driving. Once we got there we were all excited to go sledding. So, we went looking for a good sledding hill. After about 10 minutes of looking for a hill we found a perfect one up on a mountain side. It was about 45 feet up with only a few trees in the way. It took a while to climb up the hill. When we got up it looked so steep that no one wanted to go down. Then my cousin Tate jumped down on his sled. While I was watching my brother Josh pushed my sister,Maddie, and myself down the hill. It actually was not as scary as it looked so after everyone came down we decided to make a jump at the bottom.

The jmp was about 1 and ½ feet high. We started the trek up the mountain side. When we got to the top my brother pushed me of first without any warning. I went head first down the hill. Noooooo! As josh pushed me down as I hit the jump I got so much air when I landed it knocked the wind out of me. I sucked in a long breath and stood up, unfortunately my other cousin Carly took me out because Tate had pushed Carly down too.”That was the best sledding hill we have ever found!” said Tate. We all agreed.

The Scary Pumpkin


Photo Credit: Poltri via Compfight cc

Once there was a scary pumpkin, he went by the name of scary Joe. He ate peoples pets. Then there became a group called The Bunch, this included Bob, Jim, and Bill. They were trying to catch the pet eating monster… Scary Joe!

So the bunch made a trap, it had a cat [ witch was used as bate], and a metal cage so when scary Joe tried to eat the cat it would fall on the beast. That night the trap did not work so well, Scary Joe came and ate the cat and the trap did not drop on him. Scary Joe struck again. And the bunch failed again.

So they decided to follow scary Joe to his hideout. When they got to his hideout they followed him up the steps to a house. That house looked very familiar, and it was. It was the house down the street that ever one said was hunted. That scared the bunch a lot, but they followed him anyway. They walked into they house and something took Bill. They all screamed and ran for their lives then something took Jim. Bob was the last one left or at least he thought…

Then a light turned on in the distends Bob herd someone laughing strangely. He screamed and ran the other way when he ran into a figure it was Jim, then he ran into Bob. They decided to never try to catch scary joe and break up the bunch.

The Talking Dog

Photo Credit: Clay Larsen via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Clay Larsen via Compfight cc

One day their was a talking dog, his name was Thunder. He only talked to certain people like Jim his owner. Jim was very surprised when Thunder first started talking to him. This is the story, Jim was eating breakfast,his breakfast was bacon and eggs then Thunder said in a creepy voice  “give me your bacon!” Jim dropped this bacon on the floor and ran screaming to his room. Thunder came out from under the table and ate the bacon. But right when he was eating the bacon ,Jim came out from his room and saw Thunder eat the bacon. Jim said “hey …”

“You ate my bacon. Did you say to give me your bacon!” Fine I can talk, you cought me” Thunder said sadly. “But do not tell anyone.” I promise I won’t tell anyone”. Jim said Then they lived with their secret for the rest of their lives.

How technology can help in a disaster

Technology can help in a disaster because  it can find out when there is a disaster coming so they can tell people and they can flee there home. Another way technology can help is buy using there cell phones so they can call for help.And that is why technology can help in a disaster.