The Great White Shark: Myths and Facts

There are many myths about the great white shark and one of them is that they always stay close to the coast. When people tagged the sharks they found found something very different. They actualy travel from the California coast to Hawaii and that is just one of their migrations. This California to Hawaii migration is 2467 miles long. They cover atleast 42 miles per day says The Daily Telegraph of London.
A female great white shark tagged in waters off South Africa has completed the first known across ocean trip for an individual shark, traveling farther than any other shark known, more than 12,400 miles  to the coast of Australia and back again, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). This shark also complited this migration in under 9 months. She also made the record for the fastest return migration of any know marine animal


Another myth is that the great white shark eats its pray as soon as it bites it. We see this in movies and TV shows but the truth is different. They actually bite their prey and then let go, wait for their prey to die, then eat it. If a human is bitten and the shark lets go, then this could be an opportunity for rescue. This proves the saying “Never swim alone.”

There are many more things still to learn about the great white shark. We may also find that many things that we thought were fact about the great white shark, are actualy myth.

Photo credit: Luke

Photo credit: Luke


A rabbit is my second favorite pet because they are nice and cudly. Rabbits are fun to chase after. because you get exercise from chasing it around but don’t take it outside.Because it will run away. Either way having a pet is great that way you don’t feel alone and have someone to play with for a while.


Rabbits are fun but when they hide under the bed or the couch it’s easy to catch them

Koala wonder world


Photo credit: Adriana

Photo credit: Adriana

Photo credit: Adriana

There is something about koalas that has always captured my attention, ever since I was a little girl. They have been my favorite type of animal because they appear to be fluffy and very cuddly. Koalas are originally found in Australia. They have adapted to warm temperatures allowing them to overpopulate over the years.  Their diet consists of  mostly leaves but they do have a favorite type of leaf, called Eucalypt Leaves. In order to stay healthy they eat a lot of Eucalypt Leaves a  everyday. Koalas are adorable because they are the perfect size, its not to big nor to small.  It’s funny how the name koala means “no drink ” because they rarely drink anything,  most of the fluid they drink comes from the leaves of the Eucalypt plant.

Although koalas live in Australia they are mostly found in South Australia. Something that koalas and kangaroos have in common is that their baby’s are called joeys, they also have pouches that keep their babies from harm. During one pregnancy a mother koala can have up to six joeys. Koalas stay and create their homes on high trees to protect themselves from predators  that may attack and harm them. For example a predator who’s always on the look out for Koalas is the Dingo which is an Australian wild dog. So it is very important for Koalas to avoid danger, since there are many predators.

Koalas are very cute and impressive, they stand out and are simply unique. If I had one wish, I would ask for Koala as a pet. Recently there they are facing many problems one would be that they are losing their homes. Due to people cutting down the trees for different uses. This then is a problem for the koalas because they lose their home and their supply of food.  Without the trees it makes it harder for Koalas to live without facing any problems. It is very unfortunate that the Koalas are facing unfortunate events and their number can soon decrease.

Flipping, Flopping, Splash!!

Photo Credit: Evolis Via Pixabay

Photo Credit: Evolis Via Pixabay

Photo Credit: Hans Via Pixabay

Photo Credit: Hans via Pixabay

Orcas are know for doing tricks in Sea World!

Orcas are know to be called ”Killer Whales.” They are described of the colors back and white and they live in the water. Orcas can do tricks, communicate and can be trained.  Did you know Orcas are whales and are sea animals? If you are unfamiliar with Orcas or killer whales you        might see them in Sea World.

First, Orcas can do tricks. They can do tricks be flipping in the air for food.  You are probably wondering how. Well they keep on practicing over and over again. Their trainers might be throwing food in the air for the Orcas to jump up and catch it. Another trick is back flips. It may look like when Orcas do back flips hrt there backs. But guess what? It doesen’t hurt their backs! Orcas are way to flexiable. Maybe even flexiable than you! The only reason why they are flexiable is because of there blubber. Blubber is the extra meat in Orcas. You can probably see some tricks at Sea World Orca water shows.

Secondly, Orcas can communicate. For example if they are tired or sad there fin on there head bends. That is a signal to the people that are training them. Orcas can communicate to other Orcas because when they swim together they spin under water which says they are happy to be together or they are happy for some other reason. If Orcas are hungry and they are with their trainers. What they will do is that they will just jump straight out of the water to splash their owner. Or what else they will do is that they will try to jump up to the surface were their owner is at.

Lastly, Orcas can be trained. They can be trained to do many things! For example, tricks, communicating, eating a certain way and many more! One main thing the Orcas train a lot is doing tricks. They are being trained to do tricks because they are probably going to be in a show! They can also be trained by eating in a certain way by not trying to leap in the air and catch the food or not jumping out of the water trying to snatch the food out of the hands of the person who is feeding the Orcas. Orcas are also trained to communicate and do body signals! A main thing they do is body signals! They spin if they are happy or if they are excited for some reason they will just jump and do a trick or so!

In conclusion, Orcas can do many cool things. They can do tricks, communicate and even can be trained! Have you ever seen an Orca! I know I have seen one in Sea World! For more good information about Orcas or ”Killer Whales” two awesome websites are Killer Whales on Wikipedia and Orcas Basic Facts!

Roar I’m the king of the jungle

Credit:designer point

Credit:designer point

Lion are like the king of the jungle and they live in 15 groups called pride. And male lions weigh up to 330 to 550 pounds and they can reach up to 10 feet long. And female lion weigh 265 to 395 and it reaches 9 feet long. The lion’s enemies are hyenas,leopards, and other predators.

Lions eat large animals from 100 to 1,000 like zebras,wild beasts and other preys.Lions don’t live really long, male lions lives about 12 years and female lions lives about to 15 years so female lions lives more longer than female lions.

Lions live in open grass land and open woodlands. The predators of the lion’s are humans. When the lions are teens they can take over a pride.

And the most interesting thing about lions are this lion survive 4 or 5 days of drinking water. And the other one is when a random lion comes to a pride it attacks the male and female lions and even the Cubs.


Horses are amazing

Photo Credit:GaborfromHungary

Photo Credit:GaborfromHungary

My favorite animal is a horse. I think horses are so beautiful and amazing. I like black horses and white horses. I was read a horse book and it said that horses didn’t look like they do today they looked like small foxes with long necks. They had toed feet and ate leaves and later on they developed  hooves and they started eating grass instead of leaves. The book says horses are apart of a group called “Equus” it includes zebras and donkeys.Horses are mammals and herbivores. 

Horses have around 205 bones in their skeleton. Horses have bigger eyes than any other mammal. Horses can gallop at 44 kph.horses can sleep standing or lying down. A male horse is called a stallion. A female horse is called a mare. A young male horse is called a colt. A young female horse is called a filly.Their predators are wolves and mountain lions. Their narrow faces and bodies reduce wind resistance and help horses maintain high speeds when they gallop.A horses long neck helps it eat grass. A horses tail helps it swat pesky flies.

Horses can lock their rear legs in place which allows them to sleep while standing. New born baby horses are called foals.Horses sometimes make rumbling noises called nickers which is a friendly hello. Horses make a roar when their mad. A horses leader system works with a male horse protecting the herd and a female horse to make the herds’s decisions. Horses use body language to tell how another horse is feeling.

Photo Credit:SDRandCo

Photo Credit:SDRandCo

Woof Woof

Picture them as one dog

My favorite dog is a German Shepherd and a Rotweiler mix because they are playful and they are a great family dog. It’s also my favorite dog because I have one. And sometimes when it’s in the house it doesn’t like it because he can’t run around to much. But usually I play with him in the backyard and he’s happy.

This dog is a great dog because it is loyal, playful, and happy. And they have great companionship and great responsibilities, they follow them like let’s say you like your dog pooping or peeing outside they will follow that responsibility. And their companionship is they always are right next to you playing by your side. And they are really good friends.

But sometimes these dogs fight and play rough. If they’re a baby puppy they bite sometimes and they also do if you play with them too long. They even bite sometimes when they start growing up. Sometimes they break their responsibilities like biting, it’s a responsibility to not bite and they break it sometimes.

What are your favorite things or animals.

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The Belly Pouches ( Marsupials )

 Photo Credit: fraggy via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: fraggy via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: sooolaro via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: sooolaro via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Made with PicCollage Made by Me

Photo Credit: Made with PicCollage
Made by Me

Marsupials are female animals that contain pouches. Marsupials live mostly in Australasia and America. Marsupials are mammals besides their pouches, at birth marsupial babies are not fully developed. The baby’s hind legs are just nubs, the baby lives and continues to develop in the mother’s pouch. Marsupials evolved in the late Cretaceous Period, about 100 to 75 years ago, during the time of the dinosaurs.

A Quokka is a marsupial, herbivorous, and a mainly nocturnal animal. Quokkas have round compact bodies that are about 40-54cm in length. The female gives birth to a baby called a joey. Female Quokkas can give birth about twice a year. The joey lives in its mothers pouch for about six months, when it leaves the pouch it still relies on its mothers milk for two more months. Quokkas are called the happiest animal in the world because it seems like it is smiling all the time, even when it is sleeping! The Quokkas scientific name is Setonix Brachyurus. It is about the size of a domestic cat.

A Wallaby is a marsupial, herbivorous, and small compared to its close relative the Kangaroos. Wallabies like to live in herds and their life span is about 12-15 human years. The Wallabies’ closest relative is the Kangaroo and a Wallaby can grow to about two meters in length. Adult male Wallabies can also be called bucks, boomers, or jacks. An adult female wallaby is known as a doe, flyer, or jill. The Wallbies’ habitat is normally in forest or shrubland. They mainly eat grasses, fruits, seeds, and leaves. Its predetors are dingos, foxes, and large reptiles. There are roughly 30 species of Wallabies known. The Wallaby has strong and powerful legs which the Wallaby hops on in order to move around. The female has a pouch to raise her young and gives birth to a single baby but twins occasionally, known as a joey. It stays in the mothers pouch until it is fully developed. The Wallabies’ scientific name it the Macropus.

Here are some websites I used to help me with this post.

Kidport: Marsupials

Wikipedia: Marsupial

AnimalFactGuide: Quokka

Wikipedia: Quokka

A-Z Animals: Wallaby

Wikipedia: Wallaby


Black Mamba.



Black Mamba V.S Mongoose!

Black mambas are the most deadliest animals in the world.The black mamba got its name because of its black mouth and tongue.These Africian snakes slither faster than you can run.It can also climb trees and swim like a fish!The black mamba is the only snake known to have killed an adult elephant.When it catches its victims,like or a bird, it bites with its two long fangs.Black mambas inject deadly venom,they prey dies,and the mamba swallows it in one go!

If you ever see black mamba,he or she will be 14feet. There speed is, 12mph. Thats the same mph as  scorpion!Black mambas annually mate in the spring. Females over 80 to 90 eggs. Each egg takes 90 days to hatch. Black mambas are found in,terrestrial savannahs,woodlands,rocky slopes,Africa,and dense forest. Black mambas are shy and secretive by nature and, like most snakes,mambas will try to avoid danger.

Times of a Sloth

Photo Credit: Johntasaurus via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Johntasaurus via Compfight cc

There are many different types of sloths. Some have dated back all the way to the ice age. The two types of sloth I will talk about are 3 toed and 2 toed sloth.

The 3 toed sloth is a sloth that mainly lives in trees. They are found in north and central America. They are herbivores so they do not eat meat. They have 3 long towes on each foot so 12 toes. They range from lots of different types of colors. There are 4 different types of 3 towed sloths the Maned, Pale throated, Brown throated and the Pygmy. Sloths like to swim, they can swim 3 times faster that they can walk on land.

The 2 toed sloth is hardly any different than the 3 toed sloth excepet the have 2 toes on there hands and 3 on there feet so 10 toes. There is 2 different types of 2 toed sloths the Linnaeus and the Hoffman. The 2 toed sloths will defend themselves if field harmful.