Pasadena Rose Parade

Pasadena Rose Parade

There nothing wrong with going to the rose parade all your doing freezing and your tired. It took us an hour to get out there and once we got there we just hung out. It was almost New Years and we were looking at the flouts the night before. After it was 12:00 o’clock we went back to the apartment that was on Colorado Boulevard. We went to bed then the next morning we woke up and saw all the flouts it was pretty cool. My favorite one was the Disney one because it had lots of stuff I liked. If you saw the Rose Parade please comment back on what your favorite flout was.

My Halloween

My Halloween plan for this year is… First, I was planning to be part of dude perfect with my friends. Dude perfect do trick shots and other fun stuff. They are the best at it and one day I hope to be as good them.

Next, i wanted to be a panda. One reason I wanted to be a panda was because their one of my favorite animals. I tried finding a panda custom but they were to small.

Finally I said being a Minion would be pretty cool. So I went to Target and tried finding one but they didn’t have any. Good thing I had a baseball during the weekend so my mom went to Target and bought it for me. All in all I had a wild ride to find my custom.

Two lost Dogs



photo Credit: feeferlump via Compfight cc

One day two dogs were walking down the street then all the sudden trash truck passed and made the dogs go crazy and ran away. The two dogs names were Thunder and Lightning. The owner Bob Jr was making signs all night and in the morning.

The next weekend Bob Jr got a call from Larry and Larry said he say two dogs at the park. Bob Jr got to the park as fast as he could once he got there he found Larry as fast could and he say the two…..wrong dogs. Bob Jr thanks for the and I’m happy you actually care.

Bob Jr was depressed on the ride back to his house and once he got there he took a nap. He had a dream that he went to a pumpkin patch and he found the dogs hiding in the pumpkin. He sleep though the whole night and in the morning he rembered it was Halloween and he needed a pumpkin so he went to the pumpkin patch. Once he got there he likes big pumpkins so he went there. Once he got there he say a pumpkin with the top off and he went there. He got there and he saw Thunder and lightning. Bob Jr was relieved and he bought a pumpkin and one other one for Thunder and Lightening.

How my cousin inspires people

My cousin traveled to Africa to help little girls play soccer and learn new skills. She loved doing that because she got to learn new languages and new places. My cousin inspires me and a lot of other people because she went to Africa before she even finished college. My cousin is really nice and up lifting she worked with the world news during the summer and is at Harvard trying to get he law degree. All in all this is why my cousin inspires me and I hope you to