the Wii and the sisters

What I did over winter break with family .  we went into the room and play the Wii and i just got a game for the Wii called just dance 2016 my cousins kept on yelling yeah! Then we came up to this really good song that made us want to dance so my cousin wanted to be vs her sister but her sister wanted to win badly and she was Oder than her sister so she was taller so scene she wanted to win badly she went to the front and started to dance and the song was hard and the small sister couldn’t see the the t.v to copy the modes and her sister saw how she kept on jumping up and going side to side so she pushed her back and jumped up when her sisters jumped up and then in the last minutes instead of coping the t.v  ”  the little sister kept on on saying’hey stop that laughing after that the song finished but they didn’t know if to laugh  or sit down because they were tired but instead they got down and laugh so hard that they got to a point the they couldn’t breath because they were laughing to much but we were laughing hard to  and after that we calmed down but one of us video tapped the part that happen and while we were dancing she screen mirror the video on the the t.v on the corner so we can still see the moves on the t.v but then that part came and we were trying not to laugh to not lose on the game and are faces were almost purple and then we looked at each other and we couldn’t  stand any more and we all fell down onto the the floor and laugh so hard. That’s what i did over winter break.



Photo Credit: sebilden via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: sebilden via Compfight cc

There once were 3  pumpkins that lived in pumpkin city .Thare  names were Mayra,Amy, destiny. They loved to trick-or-treat. One day in halloween destiny pretended that she was sick and that could int go .So Mayra AMY went along trik or teating.when they went to  the st ponderosa destiny started to follow them all around and they started getting sacred and stared running and destiny stared chasing them  and then amy stopped and said i rekkerniz the costume then destiny cached up to them trying to cacth her breath . then they all went went trick or trating but then they got the the hunted house they and they kocked on the door and a old creey lady got out saying come in. the kids went in becuase the mom was friends whith the old lady.

Photo Credit: sebilden via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: sebilden via Compfight cc

they all got any kind of candy they wanted and now they look at th old nice lady good not mean like they used to be.

the girls and the puppy


Photo Credit: Deniseop via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Deniseop via Compfight cc

Once  their lived three little girls.Thar names were called a sally, Judy and Amy  . They were once come back from school and they saw the puppy and they wanted it but then they went and ask their parents but they said no. But the parent’s saw that they went frowning out side , and then they said  wait their is one thing you cold do ” then the girls answered back happily”? Their parents said u could show me yore

Responsibility and if you  show me how responsible you are you could get the puppy and if you don’t u cant get he puppy

The girls were really happy and so they showed they were responsible unuf to get the puppy and then…..

one day there parents told them that they cold have a puppy and then
they went to the pet rescue and they found the extant same puppy they saw when they were walking back from school.The girls picked the puppy and lived happily ever after.



Helping The Community

The person who inspired me to do some thing was my parents.They inspired by showing me hard-work.My dad  shows me hared work by.going to work every day at 4:00 am and coming back like at 8:00 or 9:00. My dad also shows me kindness by ,when ever he sees some one poor give him 20-45$ most of the time he gives 35$.

My mom shows me hard work by doing chores around the house. And when she gose to work she always leaves food to eat and still do the chores around the house. But the bad thing about her work is that they only  pay her a little bit and the money she erends is half for her and the other half for the baby sitter the only reason she gets half is because the baby sitter pays a lot.

Those are the reasons why they make me help the comity.