Christmas morning

“Aha!” I yelled as I saw my sister opening her stalking before our parents woke up. “What?” She said in a sarcastic voice putting the presents in her stalking back. “I think you woke up mom and dad.” She said. And she was right, we woke up our parents but the Wern’t mad. Sense our other family members Wern’t at our house yet we put on a Christmas movie called “The night before Christmas.” We were only half way through the movie when my Uncle Frank came. Five minutes later my parents said that my sister and I could open our Christmas presents. So we went straight from the kitchen to the living room. My sister and I were anxious to open our presents but right when we were about to tear our presents open, the parents yelled, “wait, we need to adjust our cameras!” After the relatives were ready we tore the wrapping paper open and yelled “YESSS! We both got HOVERBOARDS!


The Spirit of the Pumpkin

 Photo Credit: Mona B. Photography via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Mona B. Photography via Compfight cc


Once  upon a time, there was a kid named James. James was a good kid until one day his mom disappeared. James didn’t know what to do. He began to fill with hatred and anger. To take his anger out he began to bully other people. Forty years later James past away with his evil heart. Still, today James haunts little kids and no one will ever forget about the, Spirit of James.


” What are you going to be for Halloween?” Joey’s friend Marc asked him. ” I don’t know yet.” Joey said back. ” What are you going to be.”I’m gonna be a knight, slaying all evil things.” Marc replied back super fast. ” Cool. I’m might just scare some people trick-or-treating. I’m the tricker. Does that make sense? ” Not really, but I know what you mean.” Marc said in a concerned voice.

The next day was Friday, the 30, the day before Halloween. ” Are you exited for Halloween?” Joey’s mom asked him. ” Super!” Joey yelled enthusiastically. ” Is it okay if Marc comes over before we start handing out candy to other kids?” asked Joey. ” Sure.” Joey’s mom answered back. ” Oh’ mom can I go to Marc’s house right now?” Joey asked the last second. ” Okay.” Joey’s mom said back. ” Thanks,bye.”

On Joey’s way to Marc’s house Joey got lost. He decided to go back home when something caught his eye. A pumpkin to be specific. A pumpkin with two triangles as eyes, another smaller triangle as the nose, and a creepy smile that went around the whole entire pumpkin. The pumpkin also had a sticky note in the back of the pumpkin. The note said, ” Take me, I’m free.” The note scared Joey, but he wasn’t going to just leave a carved pumpkin lying there with a note that says take me, I’m free. On the other hand the pumpkin was in good shape. Joey decided to take the pumpkin home, he has made a horrible mistake.

” Today is Halloween! I’m super exited.” Joey told his mom. ” So what are you going to be you haven’t told me yet?” ” I’m not going to be anything. I’m just going to scare some kids.” Joey said. ” Okay, be careful not to scare little kids though. Only older kids about your age.”Joey’s mom told him. ” Okay.” Joey said back. Joey went to his room to check on the pumpkin. When he got to his room the pumpkin was lit with a candle inside. He was thinking who has been in the room. Every day after Joey would blow out the candle, the candle kept on getting lit.

One day Joey found a note on his pumpkin saying. ” The Spirit of James. I’m coming for you.” Joey got scared and wanted to tell his mom, to see if she put the note there. When Joey finished looking around the house he realized that he was home alone. ” Where did mom go?” Joey said in his mind. She didn’t tell me she left.

Joey went back upstairs to on his laptop to search about the spirit of James. The website said.

Born: Friday, April 19 1822

Died:  Friday, August 13 1862

Cause of death: suicide, depression

James was once a sweet boy until his mom disappeared. James then got mixed emotions and started to hate everything that reminded him of his mom.

Joey felt bad for James and wanted to help him, but there was no way that was going to happen. Joey started to say some sort of prayer. ” James, James are you there!” Joey yelled throughout the whole house. Joey heard something flying around the whole house. ” It’s just a little wind.”Joey said scared and quietly.” Yeah, just a little wind.” All of the sudden the the candle in Joey’s pumpkin lit. ” Okay James I guess you are there.” Joey paused for a couple seconds and then said.  ” Let’s just be friends, I heard you don’t have much and-and-and I don’t either.” It started to rain outside, and a minute later it was a storm. ” Hey!” There was a strong force of wind coming from outside. ” Yeah you! Haven’t you ever thought about telling anybody your feelings? Maybe that’s why your struggling with your mom disappearing! You need to talk to someone to feel better. If you hide, then your gonna be frustrated everyday and turn into a monster that your not. Don’t you ever think that other people have feelings. It’s not all about you! Joey shouted so loud that James could hear him through the strong wind and storm. All of the sudden the strong wind stopped blowing and the storm stopped rumbling. Joey then said, ” I can help you find you mom.” The light in the pumpkin blew out. ” I take that as a yes.” Joey said in his mind. Joey went back on the website about the spirit of James and scrolled down a little and found.

James mom berried: Santa Ana Cemetery Ca America

” And your adventures begin.”

The Basketball Game

Photo Credit: Clap_93 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Clap_93 via Compfight cc

Mike loved basketball, it was his favorite sport. Every day after school Mike went to the park to play with his friends. Sometimes he would play games or just shoot.One day Mike went to the park to play with his friends but they never showed up. It was getting late so Mike decided to leave. Right when Mike was about to leave a kid named Josh from Mike’s school came challenging Mike to a game, one on one.

Mike said.” I was actually about to go home.” Josh replied back in a threatening voice.” What are you! A little wimp!” And Josh shoved Mike. Mike didn’t want to get bullied by Josh, so he accepted the challenge. ” This Friday, four O’ clock here.” Yelled Josh. ” Deal.” Mike said back.

The rest of the week that’s all Mike could think about. Mike was worried about everything. “Today is the big game. Are you coming to watch me play?” Mike asked to his friend Sam. ” I don’t know, I’ll have to ask my mom.” Sam replied.

After school Josh was waiting an hour for Mike to show up. ” What is taking that loser so long.” Yelled Josh so loud that the whole park could hear him. When Mike showed up he had sweat bands on, a head band, basketball shoes and his basketball.” Ready to lose!” Josh said. Mike yelled back in a striking voice.” I think it’s the exact opposite!” “Those are fighting words.” Said Josh.

Mike and Josh started playing with a jump ball. Mike got the ball first, he started dribbling  up for a lay up. Mike juked Josh out and was going for the shot. Right before Mike was about to shoot Josh stole the ball and made a lay up. Score: 2-0. Mike has the dribbling up the court for a three pointer. Mike went for the three. Missed but Mike got the rebound and scored. Score: 2-2. Josh ran passed Mike and was about to do a lay up when his friends timer rang for half time. Josh dropped the ball and went to the bench for his nice cold water. After Mike got water he grabbed the sweaty basketball and started shooting free throws. There wasn’t much time for that though because about thirty seconds later Josh’s friends timer rang for the end of half time. Josh and Mike shook each others hand and said. ” Good game.” Then the game was back on.

Mike didn’t know what happened to Josh in half time but now, Mike was behind twelve points. Score: 14-2. Mike had to catch up quick! ” I’m going to lose and Josh is going to tell the whole school!” Mike kept saying in his head. About five minutes later without realizing Mike did catch up. Score: 14-10. Mike was getting tired and wanted to quit, so he could go home and take a nap. Mike wished Sam was there to cheer him on to keep going, when Mike realized he doesn’t need somebody for him to win, all he needed was himself. Finally Mike stood up tall and with about two more minutes of the game, Mike was going to do his best because Josh was just jealous of Mike. Mike stole the ball out Josh’s hand and made a lay up. Score: 14-12. All Mike needed to make was a two pointer so it would be a tie game or a three so he would win. Josh was dribbling up the court shooting a three so he knew he would win if he made the shot. When Mike jump up and grabbed the ball so the ball wouldn’t even hit the backboard. Josh was furious he tried to trip Mike as he ran up the court. Josh faked a lay up and went behind the three point line as he was about to win. 5,4,3,2.. Mike shot the three pointer and made a swish he couldn’t believe it, he beat Josh!

Game over Mike won. Score 14-15. ” Lucky shot.” Josh said to Mike. Mike replied back in a proud voice. ” Then why couldn’t you make it.” And Mike walked back home a the sun went down.


I want this story to remind you to stop bullying and take a stand for yourself and believe in yourself because if you believe, then anything is possible.

Helping the Handiecap

One day I got inspired by this girl named Natalie. Natalie is a kind girl who wanted to help people without hands. Some people don’t have arm or legs, but what about hands? Natalie worked for days about the product she was going to invent.

Natalie’s product was a simple plastic hand. You wrap the plastic hand around your wrist, and when you put pressure on the hand by flexing the fingers on the hand bend to pick up an object.

Natalie has inspired me to help people with disabilities,thank you Natalie for helping our community.