The Airship Fortress Part 2: Bowser Jr. Koopa Attack!

The end of the cheep cheep ride, the cheep cheep left, leaving me at the castle. Remember me from part 1? My nickname a Toad called me is Weiner, because I was scared of the ride. I am mad, but I need to defeat Bowser so the world is returned to normal. I see a castle, before Bowsers appearantly. It has a bunch of goombas in it, which I use fire flowers to own the goombas in there faces. They get so afraid that I don’t waste a fire flower burning them and making them join the crew. I have an entire goomba army now! But, I just don’t know what this castle has anymore.

With this castle creeping me out, I go a little closer to a big noise. It’s the sound of koopa karts crashing into each other. I get a little scared, but then I realize that my goombas are gone. This makes my defence very little, so I scream to see if they are close to me. No answer. I scream again.

“GOOMBAS, WHERE ARE YOU? I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW! DON’T LET ME… DON’T LET ME… DON’T LET ME DOWN!” I stammer so much I can’t say the sentence right 2 times. I can’t say the phrase anymore!

With the goombas out of sight, I walk towards the clanging and the banging. I feel stupi to walk into disaster, because I was stupid enough to go here. Before I got the goombas back, hundreds of koopas and goombas were fighting, and I didn’t know what to do. But then, a little koopa, smaller then Bowser, was riding in a kart, and I knw who it was. His laugh was different, and he was way smaller then Bowser. Bowser Junior.

He was the owner of this goomba castle? But, he started throwing koopas at me, but I knew what his weakness was, so I stomped on the koopas (which turned into turtle shells), and threw them back at Bowser Junior. He got hit, and flew into the sky, and landed butt first on the hard floor. I put a pillow underneath him to prevent pain. Bowser Jr. thanked me, and said he wanted to destroy his own father for making this floor. I said ok, and now, WE WILL DESTROY BOWSER!

Now since our army is even better, we can make this happen, and we will destroy bowser no matter how hard it might be, we will fight till the end!

We see a weird shaped looking castle having a bowser face on it, it wasn’t a ship though. It was Bowser’s castle! We needed to be prepared, and someone was guaring the door, with a witch look, and a broom stick, it was Magikoopa, the horrible witch!

To be contuined…

Vegas Mayham


South Points appears in Zach’s eyes. The sight of Las Vegas was covered in neon. With every light sparkleling, Zach drove to Silverton and ate dinner at a mexican food resturant. Nevada was just dying to see Zack explore Las Vegas!


Zach went to the Casino and asked the attendent for his ard to play some casino games, but the attendent said he didn’t know a soul who had a casino card named Zach.

“Drats!” Said Zach.

He soon went to Mandalay Bay, and he still didn’t get his card.

“Drats!” Said Zach

Then he went to Delano, and soon found himself going physco about one little discount card. He soon, bought 300 plays for the Teen Titans Machne that you can win a max of 50 cents for a jackpot. But he never won that machine, so he went to “Loser Slots” and you could win 10 cents max. He wasted 500 hundred dollars on that machine, and he never won a single cent. He started banging the machine, and everyone inside Delano gasped. They kicked Zach out, but that didn’t work. Soon, he started going to New York New York’s SSlot and losing, and went to Excalibur losing the 5 cent grand prizes slots. He started throwing machines out of the hotel and forcing the machine to spit out millions of dollars in cash. Soon, everyone in Las Vegas ran into the The Cosmopolition because that was Zach’s least favorite hotel. But it just didn’t work.

“We got to do something!” Said the mayor of Las Vegas.

“You can’t run away from me, fools!” Said Zach, who wanted revenge on the mayor for poor shipment.

Soon, every hotel got wreckng balled by Zach, who recked everything in his path. Soon, every car in Las Vegas, and every plane went away to their home country. Zach was alone, in Las Vegas with nobody by his side, and everyone was enjoying the drive back home. Zach thought about how bad everyone felt for Las Vegas, and soon got arrested for destroying a huge, rich, city like place. The police took him to jail, and that was exactly what happened that day.

“Honey, your boiled chili is ready!” Said his mom.

“Another boring criminal day…” Said Zach.

“I know, but you said you would work here.”

“Oh yeah, because I have to pay for damage, aw man!”

The End?

Evil (Every Villian is Lemons) Episode 1: Sir Poker

Hello my name is Tyler. I am in the school of Middle School, and I’m 12. I live with my mom in Piqua, Ohio, and if you live somewhere else TO BAD, YOU’LL NEVER SEE ME. I am just sitting on a bench, when a random person pops out at my face. His name is Sir Poker, with a golden nametag saying EVIL CORPERATION! I know what that means, Every Villian is Lemons.

I look at him with a stare, and make him frightened. Though, he was muscular like a wrestler John Cena. He was big and tall, and he looked like he was never gonna go down. But I was prepared for any enemies coming my way, so I just had a army that had trained for a month. We bowed, then went to our castles ready to fight.

“ATTACK!” I yelled.

The war started really quickly. Like, it started before a pistol shot fire, and everyone was getting clobbered by Sir Poker. But, we defended his enemies also, so far, it wasn’t that great, but no one was losing there castle to us. We were fighting on 2 castles, and our monsters, jousters, horsemen, shooters, fighters, and plenty of other kinds of combat with our enemies were getting killed, and respawned back into the castle to come back again. Just like a video game, we were scoring points for each enemy we killed. But then, Sir Poker summoned “EVILP” who was strong, so I had to pitch in and land cannons to fire at him, it took work, but finally he fell down with a thud. I summoned Thwomps, and they crushed some enemies coming our way. I sent some Weegees (Like Luigi, but weirder) and they got to the castle, and started destroying the control room. Then I sent the Master Hand. (From Super Smash Bros 4) and he started to spawn some Sonics, and they ran faster then the speed of light to the castle, and the castle got destroyed, but before he gave up, he sent two more bosses, Professor Snape with Bowser beside him.

I had to react by spawning SpongeBob, with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and even Plankton. I also sent Robin, (Teen Titans Series) along with the rest of the crew. Then, the war ended with a BIG BANG! And, when I could see again, everyone on my team, were alive, Bowser and Snape, were gone. They were back in the castle, respawned. I had won!

“Great Game, your good, but beware of Dirty Bubble! He’ll get you for sure!” Said Sir Poker, and he vanished into the air. A random crowd was here, and they cheered for me, for I had beat, the 1st challenger, but who was next? What if he beat me? That was the next thing to figure out, for I am the protecter, of PIQUA!


Referances: Mario, SpongeBob, Teen Titans Go!, Sonic the Hedgehog, A new name for I guess Batman, Captain Underpants (city), Harry Potter, and Mermaid Man and Barnicale Boy adventures in SpongeBob! Thank you for reading! See you in episode 2!

The Airship Fortress Part 1 A CHEEP CHEEP!???



Hello, my name is Spencer and I live in a Toad Village in Paper Mario Sticker Star Land (Picture above is from Paper Mario Sticker Star). Right now I am setting up a boat to travel to the Airship to defeat Bowser. But I need the last part, but where was the last part? I need a motor for the boat, which came with the steering wheel. I saw a Toad walking toward a basement so I followed.

He lead me into a dark room, I couldn’t see anything, but I had a lightbulb, so I connected it with a light that was really faded. The light turned on, and I saw the motor with the steering wheel on 3 boxes! I was saved, but before I grabbed it the Toad asked a question:

“Are You Spencer?”


“Your free to take that if you want to, and thanks so much for making this light bigger in here.

So, I ran back to the boat to put on the motor and the steering wheel to go on my adventure. But, all of a sudden, a big giant group of Toads ran towards me, and soon, I saw a giant Cheep Cheep crash into building, and throwing Toads at me. All of the Toads huddled behind me with there scared faces. Some girls, some boys, but I had to find a way to destroy this cheep cheep.

I ran to the ship, and found this hurl hammer I never saw before. I decided to give it a try. So, I hit the cheep cheep, but it didn’t go away, it just threw more Toads at me. Soon, there were more then 10,000 toads behind me huddling. I had no choice, so I got a giant narwhal, and whacked him (I didn’t use the spike), and he started to cry. I gave him a nice chocolate cake, and he started to cry tears of joy. I decided to let a Toad go on his back, and  Alleluia! The Toad was riding him for hours, until it was all of us’s turns to go on. So, with all my Toad friends, we rode the Cheep Cheep to Bowser’s castle to show who’s boss!

To be Continued…


Spencer (ToadOnStrike1 x)

The Disko/Rapping War


Once upon a time there was a guy named Losko, and he had some great moves on the disco field. This year, 2016, he wanted to participate in the annual Disco Dance-Off. This is where the top dancers come to dance in the disco tune, and then they get rated.

“Boy, it would be nice to win this fight.” Said Losko, his name was Losko because of losing to Disco Kid in the disco tournament. He placed 2nd, but Disco Kid won first. So, he praticed for almost a month before moving on to the tournament. The placed was packed of cheering crowds on chairs. Losko got scared because of the huge crowd he saw! He feared that he could screw up, and then lose. Then, a announcer came up, with a happy smile.

“Good evening, crowd.” He said at first. “These 4 disco people will b competing for the World Series disco trophy, since these guys made the top 4 last year. Please first welcome, 4th place last year, KOLO POLO THE 45TH!” He was fat, but he kept tripping when he was dancing. The crowd booed, and said to take him offstage! The announcer talked with the DJ, DJ Deshawn (DJ DJ) and He changed the music to Stressed Out. Finally, he was done, the judges said 0,0,1. “Why did you vote 1, PK (Pon Koen)?” Said one of the judges.  “Because I’m to nice…” She said, cursing herself.

“Up next, George Wortington Mortinngton Sniper the 12th!” Said the judge, this dancer was a zombie! Of course, it meant he sucked, right? He was dancing like a boss though. He knew every move, and he somehow made zombie history. 6,9,10. “Again?” Said one of the judges, hitting himself on the head.

“And now, the moment you all been waiting for, DISCO VS LOSKO RAP BATTLES!” Said the announcer. “Up first, Disco Kid!”

But he didn’t say a word. “FINE, LOSKO!” Losko knew what to do.

“Hey, Disco Kid, it’s a rapping war, dance all you want all over the floor, but I’ll win anyways.”

LOSKO WINS BY A MILE!” Said the announcer, caring with happy tears, while disco kid was still dancing.

“But I was dancing!” Said Disco Kid, frowning. “Was a rap battle DISKO KID HAH!” Said a audience member. And that was the legend of rap battles.


p.s “Great Fighting! You Won by Rapping Smooth! Your time, 10 Seconds!

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a new disco champion!”

Punch out reference

Lord Voldemort’s Pumpkin Slave ( A Spirit?)

Once upon a time, there was a man named Voldemort. He was the worst person ever in the world. He kills non magical creatures, and yet still tries to kill everyone at a school named Ravenwarts. Ravenwarts was a school most magical people go. 7 years then you graduate. There was also a hero named, Spencer. He is in his final year, and  Lord Voldemort is trying to kill him. Every plan usually fails. But since it was Halloween he had a bright idea. He casted a spell no one ever uses.

“1 Scorpions eye to make this surprise.”

“1 Goblins tail to rule the hail.”

“2 Milky Ways to make him today.”

“1 Blood cell to make him very well.”

“Finally 3 candy corn, for his evilness galore!”

The spell took a hour and finally a horrible thing happened for the good, a evil Halloween Spirit came out! Voldemort bowed, for he did not control this rare opportunity. “What do you want from me?” It said, looking like he always does, rolls his eyes. “I want you to kill the famous Spencer Dixon, for he has always foiled my plans.” said Voldemort. ” You need to pay for this, Lord. For you, need to make me a little brother!” (= He always wanted one. =) “Seriously?” Said Voldemort. He sighed, then went to work.

3 Days later, he finally made a little brother for him. He was of course happy. He let him take off his head, and then that Halloween Spirit, turned into a Spell God AKA Assassin! This was the best Lord has done. Wormtail said to help. Wormtail is his assassin brother. He kills muggles to. “Please Lord, let me kill him with this pumpkin Lord.” He said. “Alright, 2 is better then 1!”  But the Lord said a second later, “I wanna come just so this Halloween Spirit doesn’t mess up!” So all THREE killers went to Ravenwarts to battle Spencer. They hoped Spencer was tired.

He wasn’t, but when they arrived, 2 guards blocked the door. “Helomanius!” Said the spirit. All of a sudden the sky went red, and millions of Goblins went to attack them.  The guards couldn’t keep there guard, and they were soon defeated by millions of Goblins. But the sky stayed red, and the Goblins invaded the school. One goblin forced a cook to eat a Ghost Chiji Pepper they just created. They passed out just by the spice. They cried for help, but Spencer was sleeping.

In the morning, the place was deserted. Literally, everyone ran away to Netherlands, and no one was there. Spencer was the only one, but when he woke up, he saw his eyes. But who’s eyes?

“Voldemort?” Spencer said nervous. There wasn’t a word. The sky was black now, and he couldn’t see a thing. There was no light at all, and not even a whisper was heard. He started to get scared, since he was alone in the dark. Then the scariest thing scared him so bad. “Boo.” Said Voldemort. Spencer jumped so high, he hit The Moon. Technically it was the Halloween Spirit who made it pitch black. “Voldemort!” He said angrily. “Yes it is me,” he started to talk, “and I am handsome of course. I think you are quite mean, due to your rude behavior to me.”

He went on for 3 hours, saying the rudest things he had ever heard. Voldemort stopped and said, “Avadara Kendara!” He tried to kill Spencer, but he was to fast. It hit a light bulb and hit a Goblin, and he was killed. “STAND STILL DORK!” He screeched. “No way loser,” he said back, then he said “Teleportation Kilaria!” Then Wormtail and Voldemort got teleported into their castle. But the Halloween Spirit remained, frightening and deadly. He spawned all his Goblins, but he deflected all their attacks.

He used a spell, to vanish them back to the castle. “Teleportation Kilaria!” The Halloween Spirit actually got hit by a disarming spell. “GAHHH!” It bellowed. His friends came and started doing that to. It was almost sunrise. If it was sunrise, he would kill him, because he would be invincible! “GAHHH!” It said. It was 5 seconds away. “GAHHH!” 4 Seconds. “GAHH!” 3 seconds “GAH!” 1 second BOOM! He was resurrected into pumpkin. “NOOOOOOO!” He screamed. But all it said was squealing noises. “I should learn the squealing language…” Thought Spencer.

Then the sky cleared and the sky was beautiful. They all cheered. They gave Spencer a big hug and everyone was happily ever after at Ravenwarts.

Meanwhile back at the castle, a witch named Yohi was boiling the Spirit. “CURSE YOU EVIL HALLOWEEN SPIRIT!” Said Voldemort, for he had failed…

once again.


Moral: Never be so sure things get your way. Don’t summon minions (:

I love Harry Potter 😀

The Pokemon Forest Adventure Story 1 The Pikachu In Need :D


Photo Credit: DarthNick via Compfight cc

Once upon a time, there once was a man named Jay. He loved collecting different kinds of Pokemon. One day while he was in the ‘Golden Forest,’ he found a Pokemon lying on the ground dying. It was a Pikachu. He had ran out of electricity and now didn’t have enough to walk. He need some help.

He only had one aid pack with him. It’s not pretty to have a Pokemon you want to get, almost dead. He only had water, and that is not great for electric. Electric Pokemon’s weakness is water. He gave it food but it didn’t move to eat it. There was only one thing left to do, the hospital.

“I NEED TO BRING THIS PIKACHU IN NURSE!” He dashed through the hospital to the front desk. “I’m very sorry Jay, but you have to wait 4 hours before the Pikachu can come in the emergency room. You have to wait.” Said the nurse named Stephanie. Jay showed his fake police badge. “FBI LADY, BRING THE PIKACHU IN NOW!” She fell for the fake police badge, like you would know. “Yes SIR!” She said and brought the Pikachu in.

An hour later, the Pikachu was feeling so much better, and he sprinted toward it in happiness of tears. He was so realived that the Pikachu was all better. “Wasn’t THAT easy Jay,” she said, “But he recovered it, in one hour it would of died…” she paused for a second, “But you were in a hurry, and I knew it was fake, just trying to make you happy.” She winked, and he winked back.

When he returned  to the forest, every Pokemon ever waited for him. They cheered and gave him big hugs, and every kind of Pokemon wanted to join him. He said to himself, why not? and then he caught all the Pokemon with his Pokeballs. He had a big adventure ahead of him, but then- the Pikachu wanted to join to. He gave the Pikachu a big hug, and Pokeballed it.

Today was the best day of his life. He had so many Pokemon, had more then 200 kinds of Pokemon. When his brother saw all those Pokeballs, he gasped, ” WOW 234 Pokeballs with Pokemon? UNBELIEVABLE!” He said, “That Pikachu I guessed had friends, and they liked how I saved it. Together, they walked into the sunset, to continue their adventure.

THE END, on the blog.

A game for fun repeat this. Pik a chu,( all hands side to side your partner)  going up going down, ( oppisite for each partner hit hands with your partner) going side to side. Pick a chu ( Rock paper scissors)


Stop Hunger Now! For, Raise Your Voice! =)

Today was when I helped stop hunger.    Date that it happened, 11/1/13

So, while I was eating breakfast, and while my dad was cooking breakfast, my mom got a call from Trinity. The call said, “Go to Trinity today to stop world hunger!” So my mom agreed to take me over there with dad, while I was watching, Teen Titans Go! If was a bit confusing, about the deal mom made, but I guess I was in a better mood, because I didn’t say anything, to focused on the show! The point I realized we were at Trinity I said, “Why are we at Trinity?” Like I said to, we attend to many helping events for me in November. I kinda do a lot ‘o stuff. Then after the 5 minutes drive, we went inside the Fellowship Hall. When we got there, we got there before it started. So we waited for the intermission to end, plus, I didn’t have anything, to play with at all. So I just ran around the place and counted how long my steps took. Then finally someone said, “Welcome!” I knew it was the start of the event. We started after they announced the rules. When we started, we had 4 stations. One was the rice scooper, one veggie packs, one holding a bag, and one as a bag collecter.  I even worked with the boss! Every ten thousand rice bags or rice, they hit a gong. We also rotated every 30 minutes. I even hit the 70 thousand mark at the gong! The gong was hit 10 times (= For each batches of 10,00o rice =) My hand hurt, but I didn’t care. My BFF Lucas even came! We felt like a lucky clover landed on us. “Hi Bro! ” We said to a each other. We talked about mine craft and how lucky he has a 3DS. Then, after loads of work, we made the 100,000. They had the last part speech about what we did. Afterwards the BFF parents talked to each other and I talked to Lucas. When it was time to go, we waved to each other. Afterward, we talked, while I had my 3DS, and playing on it, and had yummy lunch.

Today was fun and enjoyable. With that, I did lots of other stuff that day.

But that’s another blog. 🙂

The End

(= for now=)