My turtle life



Photo Credit: scott_horvath via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: scott_horvath via Compfight cc

Well I live a good life and will  take you on a long journey .

I was born on the Pacific Ocean I had a hard life and this is were the story begins .well I was sleeping in a dark little cave with my tinny family sad and alone.When I heard a loud noise so I crawled and I found my self in some type of boat  it was noisy and loud then all of the sudden I felt my self moving just then I realized that my family was not near by I had to find them.

Then I was dropped in a large pool then I  noticed it was the Pacific Ocean I knew because I was born on this ocean . It smelled like fresh seaweed “my favorite” I thought to myself, well then I noticed that my family was a little away from me. So I though I could hurry  and catch up . Then when I cough up I hugged my mom,dad and my baby sister

Finally we got to shore and played and had a great time hope that never happens again!




Who Inspires you

My uncle inspires me because he dedicates his mornings and nights working. he helps kids get into a beyond good college.
He was born September 3,1986.he’s 29 years old.He has a girlfriend her name is Joy she takes me to school sometimes.
My uncle is 100% into his job.He loves his job because he helps kids get into colleges.He knows that college is important for us so that’s why he loves his job.
My uncles so inportant to me because he is a great uncle,and will change lives.