My Christmas party and New Years and my presents

At Christmas my cousins and my uncles and nephew  came over and we made tacos,fruit punch and a cake.All my cousins,my brother and me were in my room playing Xbox, in the iPads,computer and board games.After all are fun it was time to open presents and give a huge then i opened my present I got a pennyboard,soccer goalie gloves,Italy soccer shirt, clothes, craft jar and 160$. Then my cousins stayed to sleep they  left my house the next day at 2:30 all of them and we had a nice Christmas.

New Year’s party

At 9:00 we went to my aunts house when we got  there we went to my cousins room to see there birds they have 10 in each 2 cages  and we were caring then and playing around and with them then we went becuse we were all going to eat we ate tamales and meat.Then after that we watched a movie hotel transavina 2 then we ate popcorn after that movie we were still eating popcorn and watching a other movie called the escape from kids with out parents.Then at 12:00 we gave a huge and then we got a cup with Apple juice and 10 grapes for our wishes of the new year 2016.We sleeped there and we were 2 days  there we went home on Saturday at 3:36.

We Had The Best Hollidays Ever

Halloween Long Ago


Long time ago they celebrate Halloween different they dress up like scary stuff to scare the animals and bad people and Halloween was first found in England.Then in United States they did it so the kids have some thing to do and not be board at home and to have a lot of fun in Halloween night.The bad thing is that we could only go treat or treating in the night because you can’t eat candy at that time it’s bad because then you can’t sleep and Halloween is scary for little kids and they can’t sleep because they are scared. Some family’s like having Halloween party so they don’t have To go treat or treating and lots of kids like having party’s then going treat or treating was not like now it’s now long time ago were not big houses not good decorated not a lot of candy at all  now they make more candy that the kids eat that’s not very cool at all. The people have more fun in Halloween this days  Halloween is more funner then long ago with out cooler out fits then long ago and  now every one has more fun.

Dolphin’s Home

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To find downloadable photos, please edit the search filters on Commons” or “Only Originals.”

Once upon  a time lived two happy dolphin’s there name was Billy and Sally they had two kids there name was Bobby and Lilly  Torres. There were a very happy family they went were ever the kids wanted  to go but of  course they are dolphins and they go in the water but.They went to Hollywood to get a picture with  the famous people and they all got to be in the show called Jessie for when they get the 4 pet dolphins.Then one day they all went home the week after and then they found there house all in peace’s so they had to go to there grandma’s house for one month in till they fit the house they at least had cloths the one that the bot in Hollywood  and they had to go to Mexico and they live in Tustin and they had to travel for 5 days so there kids meet a lot of there family member and they even speak Spanish they had 55 cousins  there so happy but?.Then the kids were very sad they were living Mexico there hous was more awesomer then it was.


Well Lindsey Fhear is my friend and she does the ripple kid and she does all the time and she makes me want to be a better person and help the world to be better.My dad and mom inspired me because they alllwe’s go to TJ and give the por people they give them the clothes and toys that me and my brother had befor my mom and dad buy lot’s of stuff that all the por people are selling my dad sell’s the stuff and give’s them the money to the por people.What I do is give the shoe’s that don’t  fit me any more and we give them to the por people that live in the street’s  even my brother’s shoes to.Even my mom’s friend go to church to get the money by selling food to get money and give to the por people the buy clothes,shoes and toys even to the grown ups pur’s and wallets and Amy even gives por people food switers. So all of that is what Inspierded’s me.