New year party!!!

One day I was getting up from bed and went to brush my teeth, my sister was there and she screamed happy new year!! Ugh saliva came out of her mouth. When I was done I told her I’m not that happy. After that I went to the room to play the PS3. Then after a while my uncle came to make something cald pozole and seviche yummy.  Pozole has granitos and a Mexican soup. Seviche has shrimp, tomato,onion,peppers too. Then my family got here around 5:00 pm. Then the party started. We had a DJ and cool colorful lights. When it was 11:58 i was on a shield with beats. A shield is like a DS. But it’s better. Then it struck 12:00 pm. We all were hugging and saying ” Happy new year!!!” We were all happy. Then when it was about 2:30 I went to sleep. The other people were still partying. Then I shut my eyes and whispered to my self ” happy new year Luis.”

One special day I was getting up from bed and my 2 smallest sister was yelling which woke me up ITS A NEW YEAR!!!

one day i was waking up and I herd my sister scream her guts out its a new YEAR!!!

one day I was getting up to brush my teeth And I saw my sister scream its a new year while brushing her teeth it sounded wierd. ugh gross saliva came out of her mouth.

The weird ghost

It's luis drawing from

It’s luis drawing from

One day there was a little boy. His name was Tommy. He had black hair.  He was seven years old. He lived in a small, dark, spooky cabin with his mom. Then one day the little boy sat down to eat. Then he suddenly felt the chair move. Tommy was shocked. Then he went to hi

s room to get something.he brought goggles to see ghost.there were cald see ghost 200.he SCREAMED!!!!! There were 3 ghost the ghost said hello. He said hi in a scared.The ghost said do you want to be friends? Sure said Tommy. Then it was time to sleep.Good night said Tommy.Good night said the ghost.

the talking shark

Photo Credit: Squicker via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Squicker via Compfight cc

Once there was a talking shark. His name was teddy He lived in a lonely place. He lived in a ship that was broken. Then one day somebody caught him.he yelled” GET THIS BIG HOOK OFF ME!!” The person who caught him screamed!!! The shark couldn’t breath! The person let him go back in the water. The shark swam far from his home.     Then he found a  Village there were sharks in there houses. The shark said”hello is there anybody here? A lot of people came out to see him. They all said “who are you?” My name is teddy. Then a shark with a hat came out of the room. Hi teddy I am the captain. Teddy said hi I need a room to sleep In. OK there’s a cabin right to the ladies bathroom.  Teddy said thanks. He went to his room to check it out. He loved it. He said to himself I’m hungry.he went to the cafeteria to see what’s to eat. There was soup. Teddy never tried soup before. So he tried it then he got some more. Then he got full. Then it was time to sleep. He said I can wait for my next adventure.


Animals that need help

Their are animals that need our help. That is why we help them. Some animals are endangered animals like a polar bear and pandas. They get killed for there fur. We have to help so they won’t go extinct. Animals like the tazmanian tiger. If we hunt for skin or meat they can go extinct. We need to help animals.