My adventure as a turtle 🐢


Photo Credit: abrahamvx via Compfight cc lailai

Well lets start from the beginning of my life, ok so picture a sandy beach with the waves crashing down, I was there in a damp, dark, shell. I was breaking free well trying it is kinda hard well anyway the wet deep hole.  Ohmy gosh I didn’t even tell you, my name Well my name is Sammy and I am trying to find my mom and get hole well this is weird I am trying to get out of here and these white, werid,  Feather, thing is coming at me.  Any way I am going into this wired, wet, squishy, ground. Now I am swimming in the ocean I guess I see turtles like me  young and alone. I see a cute turtle I will go ask her if she wants too swim together ahhhhhhh a perana every turtle for them selves hide omg I have to hide I see this ship I’ll swim over there. Yes no one found me well I  found out her name its Samantha well I guess this is good she said yes let’s go Sammy well bye got to go bye see you later


Endanger Animals

A lot of animals are gone or extinct and some are endangered. I did some research and found that Giant 🐼pandas are dying quickly along with the Amur leopard, Black rhino, Cross river gorilla and the Hawksbill turtle. They are dying either for food, sport, money or clothing. Some people use real fur but some are against it, like me for instance, I don’t like animals dying like just for coats or for sport. If you are against it also then leave it in the comments and tell us what would you do to stop it. Think about it, some animals we need to fight for to keep them at a equal amounts. We need Lions and Gazelles and we need an equal amount of those kinds of animals because if we don’t they’ll either be too many lions or too many gazelle. If there’s too much of one species then it could be really crowded or not enough food and it messes with the Eco system . Anyway I am just trying to say it’s wrong but then sometimes it’s not, like say for people like to eat meat or it is for people that don’t.

Well I think that if we put are heads together we can think of an idea to stop killing animals for sport forever and I think maybe that could be a law in this county because they need to stop hurting animals for sport it is sad to think about animals dying just like that.