The Haunted Coin


Created by Kelsey
using pic collage

I am a ordinary girl just as you imagined… My names Amber my life WAS ordinary Intil tonight… Let’s start from the beginning.. I was walking home but then out from no where this girl ran up too me she had a pale face and said d-do y-you want thi-this she held out her hand laying on it was a coin it had no presidents head on it or anything just a silver coin I said sure… She quickly shoved it in my hand and ran away so fast I was surprised but yet confused why would she be scared ¬†of a silly little coin? I thought mistriviously but I just shoved it in my back pack and headed home humming the whole way finally I came to my house and unlocked the door and walked in but I never knew what would come to me that night….

The day went by well then I remembered the coin and wanted to examine it I went to my back pack for the coin but it was gone!¬†I was ¬†curious of to where it went but scared remembering how scared the girl was when she gave the coin too me I suddenly felt I was being watched I turned around and I was so scared a practically fell over!! Right there in the air was a chair it was floating!¬†I stared in disbelieve until it swooped forward tackling me then picking me up it lifted up high then at full speed it crashed through the window in the family room it had made its way to the back yard by crashing through the window then it lifted higher higher and higher until my house was blurry image then it turned upside down I almost fell but clutched onto the back of the chair where my back should have been leaning it started to shake but I held tight then it just sat as if waiting for my strength to run out and soon it did I had to let go my arms and hands where throbbing with pain and down down I fell waiting… Waiting for my body to hit the hard ground….

But it didn’t I felt something rubbery beneath me then I realized I was on a air balloon? Then it a cured to me I must have fallen on it I slowly climbed town from the the top of the huge balloon and looked around no sign of the chair…¬†great! ¬†I let the flame on the air balloon lower and it slowly drifted down straiht to my house good! It’s drifting toward my house! I cried but then I realized I was being shoved toward it…

I looked behind hind me and to my horror the chair was shoving me toward the house before it could shove one last shove I cried WHY!! Why do you want to harm me!!¬†I’m just a girl! The chair stopped as if it where staring in confusion of why I don’t know why I thought¬†I don’t know why! And if you’d just tell me I would try and fix it! It then moved up and down as if to say yes I will show it formed by not its original coin shape I held out my hands to catch it then a picture shown frame it… It was a picture of a girl holding the same coin I was but she was holding it in a bowl the next picture it was to show was was a picture of… Lava being poured ¬†into the bowl and steam rising slowly from it then being poured in water the water bubbled and steam rose from the pot so water and the lava then the posture faded and the coin sat there waiting for my response well coin I am sorry this happened to you but you have to understand that was a completely different I’m harmless so was that girl you almost scared to death go haunt someone else please because I would never have any intentions to do this…. The coin sat there a minute but then flew off but it stopped in the air and showed one last image that said

I Thank you now I understand some people are kind yours truly


NO MORE animal abuse

Some people ( bad people ) TORTURE¬†animals. For example you probably know because it was on the news a Man or Girl has been pouring¬†ACID¬†on DOGS!! You that to happen to dogs or any other animal they should be happy… ¬†So I hope you understand but I sure you have a pet… Well I do have a dog and I know she would NEVER hurt me! Unless it was I bad person. In fact there was a cat at the pet store that was saved but it was found in dumpster left to die! Maybe you should think think about how YOU would feel if you were left in a dumpster to die or get acid poured all over you so it burns right through your skin so I hope you can stop this by telling your friends to tell other friends to spread the word about this so that maybe it stops.