My Sleepy Christmas

Have you ever been so tried on a special holiday like Christmas well I have and here’s my story?

I got  to my grandmas house and waited till it was 12:00 cause it was Christmas Eve and  when the clock hit  12 it’s Christmas Day .Meanwhile we played heads up it was fun for about  an 1 hour or so then we ( cousin and sister aunt grandparents mom dad) started to dance to Mexican music the I put one of my favorite song and the my mom and dad sat down so did my uncle so it was still fun with out them . It was 8:00 it was time to open up my baby brothers  Nicholas’s presents he loved to open up his presents .15 minutes passed by we ended up play another board game it was 9:00 we all watch a movie (despicable me 2) .Another hour passed It was 10:00 my family was waiting for my (Tia Adys ) to get home so the adults could do secret Santa and white elephant but with gift cards .They took so long it felt like it was 11:00 I went in the kitchen to see what time it was it was 11:30 there was also tamales I said “yum I got four tamales with some orange juice . After the adults were finished it was our turn we took about half an hour because we were going in number order from youngest to older it was  about 1:30 IN THE MORING I felt like I was going to pass out thank god I did not be cause I fell asleep on the car ride home .

That was my sleepy Christmas .

A Spooky Halloween Story

Created by Juliana  The app that made this is pic collage .

Created by Juliana
The app that made this is pic collage .

It all started on october the 31st the day everybody got to be what ever they wanted to be like me i want to be a super hero. Moslty every body loved HALLOWEEN well becuase YOU GET FREE CANDY YA.I mean who does not love free CANDY i know i do . BUT some peolple enjoy giving out candy enstead of take it from houses .THEN the day finally came Aqua and her friend were so exicded becuase the knew that if aquas mom took them they would go trick-or treating for more than 3 hours .THEN finally they got to a huanted house but one of them was scared guess who? of course if you guessed aqua and her best friend sky you are correct aquas mom gave Aqua 20.00 dollars to go get something to eat after they went trick -or treating .

They were hugging each like there was no tomorrow!They were screaming as soon as they were out of the haunted house👻. They got lost because there mom had left because she was hungry because she did not eat breakfast or lunch so she went to El  Pollo Loco she got the family meal and forgot about the children her face looked surprised but she continued eating . About a hour later the girls were very scared they had looked everywhere they thought that they might not every see aquas mom again.

Aqua remembered her mom had gave her 20.00 dollars when she told Sky the played rock paper siscors because KFC was close to where they were but on the other side El Pollo Loco. They got tied 2 on 2 finally Aqua won so they got El Pollo Loco. They reached where they wanted to be wich was El Pollo Loco they also got the family meal they sat two tables away from aquas mom . Finally aquas mom noticed Aqua and sky . They went home and chose which candy was opened and not opened then again her mom stole a little bit of candy . That’s was the spooky Halloween story Thank you ladies and gentlemen .

The Dolphin and the Little girl

Dolphins life

Photo Credit: MyDifferentDrum via Compfight cc

The Dolphin and the little girl

One day a little 10 year old girl was sitting on her front porch you will probably ask why she was sitting on her porch, well because it was a nice sunny day. She went out for lunch around 12:00 pm ,she had subway  she got a kids meal with a bag of chips . The clock striked 2:30 pm she finally asked her mom if they could go to sea world the mom, named Vanessa was surprised that her daughter wanted to go see dolphins and whales . Caroline the duaghter wanted to train the Dolphins when she was 11 because if you are 11 and older you are allowed to go inside the pool and play with the Dolphins.It has been 1 year ever since Caroline visited sea world she was begging her mom to take her so that way she can get in the the water with the Dolphins . Finally she got to go inside the water, it was frezeing cold her mom looked at her face and thought it looked like this😖.It had been 2hours of her playing with the Dolphins which she didn’t mind at ALL she fell so in love with the dolphin she wanted to work there . It was her dream too work at sea world it was also her mothers Dream for her to also be able to reach her goal. 19 years later they interviewed her and see if she has the skills to throw the fish to the whales .She got the job but the only thing she did not like about working there is that she never got time to see the dolphin she loved, named Roxy . She always tried to take some of her free time to spend with Roxy, but that never seemed to work out. One day she talked to her boss that she wanted to spend some time with the dolphin she loved he was thinking about it he finally anwserd and this is what he said,” I’ll tell you what, you work half time with the whales and the other time with the Dolphins .”She screamed, she was so happy she jumped up and down .She was always focused with the whales and always goofie and silly with the Dolphins and the Dolphins always loved it . She had a good time working with her family  . The End

Animal Abuse

I think animal abuse is cruelty. It is so rude to hit animals beacuase they are harmless animals it is not right to hit an animal just because you feel like it.For example:dogs are a persons bestfriend they are playful,huggable and cute.Sometimes they are cute mostly everybody loves them.Yet people still find it right to hit,kick,stab and starve to death also kill them.Sometimes it is for no good reason .They say 70 percent of animal abusers have records of other crimes .

A child growing up in the U.S is more likely to have a pet the a live at home farther.