The Good Dinosaur

The setting took place in the dinosaur age.The dinosaurs name was arlo he was a stegosaurus.There was a creature arlo gave him the name spot.Spot was like a wild animal.In one point of the movie spot was being hunted down.There was a hurricane.After the damage was done there were dinosaurs that helped try to save smaller animals.Turns out they were bad arlo they all heard a small animal.The other dinosaur told arlo to break the tree with his tail.They freed the creature and the dinosaur ate the small animal the dinosaur told arlo,”The storm provides.”The dinosaur said to arlo,”You have a critter of your own and he smells juice.”The dinosaur aproched the tree spot was at spot jumped out of the tree.Arlo grabbed spot and ran there were two dinosaurs trex and they scared of the other dinosaurs trying to kill spot.

My Halloween

This year for Halloween I’m going to my uncles house.Were going to stay all night at his place. My big sister and I are going to carve pumpkins at my uncles house with my Tia. We have never done our Halloween together.

Then we’re going to the pumpkin patch. This is my first year going my uncle he’s never been there before neither has my Tia. My grandma and grandpa might go with us.

I might not go trick or treating this year I’m getting too old my sister said she is too.

My neighbor Art always does a haunted house he scares people of with a fake chainsaw. Last year Art also had Jason with a machete he chased people up and down the street. I always have a good Halloween. I might be in arts Halloween party haunted house.

Not all my family celibates Halloween with us like my mom she doesn’t like going out on that day.Photo Credit: Jonathan Edgecombe via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Jonathan Edgecombe via Compfight cc

The orphans

Photo Credit: Global Tribe via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Global Tribe via Compfight ccn

There was a child named Danny he was a orphan. His mom Rachel passed away she died from cancer. His dad Andrew  lived in Washington D.C he did not want Danny. Danny made many friends he wanted to find at least one family member. Danny had a little sister Ashley. She was adopted he felt all alone. Danny was 11 his sister was 8.

Danny had a plan on Friday he would escape the orphanage to search his Ashley. She didn’t live far from the orphanage she lived three miles away. He left at night with no shoes but his cloths. Danny got the keys and ran. He never looked back again.

Danny arrived at his sisters new house he knocked on the door and asked if his sister lived there. And she came running down the stairs. He squeezed Ashley ¬†and she asked,”How did you find me”. Danny said,” You told me were you lived”. The parents Michael and Alexis made an agreement to adopted. Danny and His new parents lived together forever.



Imagraiton is to go from one country to another. Some do it for a better life some just to get away. People leave there country in search of jobs. Some imagrants left there country to find jobs that will give them money.

My grandpa imagrated from Mexico to America. My ancestors imagrated from Spain.

Some imagrants took time to find jobs were ever they went some found jobs fast.

Many people from all over the world have imagrated.