My train ride in Oxnard

Have you ever been on a train ride? Well 4 days before Christmas I went on a trian ride in Oxnard with my mom, dad and little brother. When we first got to Oxnard we waited  at the Train station for an hour because we got there early. While we waited for the train my family and I played a game we made up called Do this. We had so much fun playing that we lost track of time so we ran over to where the train track  and made it just in time to see the train arrive. When we got on the train we got milk and cookies yum  , then the little elf’s that were on the train read us a book called the night before Christmas. Then right we finished the book we stopped we saw the North Pole then we saw Santa.  Then when we were heading back to the train station we passed by the North Pole again and Santa was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later when we were halfway to the train station Santa came on the train and gave out huge candy canes yummy then he left aww. Then when we got back from the train ride we went to the hotel and watched tv.

Halloween night

Made by jenibelle The app that made this is pic collage

Made by jenibelle
The app that made this is pic collage

One Halloween night when kids were trick or treating and family’s were watching scary movies there was a earthquake and it lasted five minutes and something after that felt weird to every one so soon Jake got up from the table and then Jake realized that his parents were missing. After ten minutes of searching for his parents around his house he went outside to see if they were trying to figure out what had happened right now. So Jake now was searching the whole town to find his parents, but he had no luck in finding them. Then Jake called the cops and the cops answered but they said that today was there day of and wouldn’t be available until tomorrow afternoon. Now Jake was doomed and now it was time go to search the rest of the town even the restricted areas. Now Jake was about  to pass the cemetery that he always passes on his way to school but today something was different the graves in the graveyard had writing on them that wasn’t there  before and then he saw the dirt that was smooth and completely covered now was uncovered! Then when he looked around he saw the dead coming to life! Jake was so freaked out that he almost peed in his pants!

Now that was just one part of one of the creepy things Jake saw. Another  thing he saw was crazy people throwing glass bottles at him while he was riding his scooter witch usually didn’t happen in Storybook. Since he was getting freaked out with all the people doing weird stuff he decided to look out of town . On his way out of town he saw his parents but they looked invisible  and not real so Jake just  ignored them and kept riding his scooter. Three  minutes later Jake saw signs that said people were missing and one one of the signs it had his parents name on them ,but the sign said they died . Jake sad so sad that he cried for an hour ,them suddenly his was back in his own room again with his parents and realized it was just a dream. So in the night it happened all over again but it was still just a dream.

The End!

The Dancer

Once there was a little girl named Alex who always dreamed of being a famous dancer. Her parents Ally and Arron always dreamed of there daughter being a singer but Alex said no. So when she was four she asked her parents to enroll her in the nearest dance studio and her parents said yes but her parents said you can only take one class until you can prove to us that you are a amazing dancer and you can make it into the group of dancers who are the best dancers in the studio then we will put you in more dance classes. So right away Alex got to work to be the best dancer she could be. Now every Wednesday Alex would go to dance for one hour taking jazz 1. Now since Alex had taken dance for a year she was ready to be one of the  best dancers in the dance studio.

A few months after Alex had her birthday party she additoned  to be in a group called company which was the best dancer in the dance studio. The company addition lasted 2 months and at the end of the addition Alex got a paper that either said that she made company or she had to addition again.She was so nervous to see if she had made it or not and the paper said that she had made it and so she hurried to go tell her mom that she had made it into company but her parents weren’t satisfied and they told her  “If you  really are a excellent dancer  show us you can stay in company for another year then we’ll be impressed and we won’t make her sing ever again”! By this time Alex was really excited but her parents said “until the you still have to sing”. So now Alex was giving one hundred percent effort to get in company  next year and when the additions arrived again Alex gave one hundred and ten percent and when the additions were over the per said “Congratulations you have made company again”! This time when Alex showed her parents they were proud and said”Alex you truly are a amazing dancer”.


The End!

Syria and Russia

My topic is on refugees and immigration.  The refugees are most of the people in Syria and the immigration’s are the people from Russia.Syria was a nice calm country before the war  started. The reason Russia is bombing Syria is because Russia wants to own all of Syria’s land.  All the people in Syria are now refugees and are moving to France, Italy and Germany. There has been a few people who have died from bombs in buildings. Lots of people that are still in Syria are in a lot of danger and even if they leave they are still in danger , because there are wars in other country’s too. Although Syria has the worst war there are still a ton of people who are still alive today.