The Duck

One day I went to the duck park with my step-dad Ryan and my sister Brooklyn. The first thing that we did was feed the ducks and we feed the ducks with nine grain bread and all of the ducks were coming to me and I did not like it. My step-dad said that we were going to walk around the pond and I said okay thats fine so we did. When we go half around the pond we stoped because there was a female duck laing an egg. My sister went up to it and the male duck next to the female duck. The male duck tried to bite her but we noticed it in time to stop it. We all stop and said that was close. We all went ot the playground after all the nonsense.

The Almost Broken Arm

On Monday, MLK day I was playing outside with all of the kids. I on my uncles scooter and all of the kids were on rollerblades but a seven year old was on his bike. His was going up hill and I was going down hill. We were going to crash into each other but I turned right and he went the same way as me and he fell on my scooter and then he cried. I only got a little bit hurt because went my scooter fell I went fling and almost broke my arm again.

Winter break

Would you like to know what I did for the winter break this year? Well! Your in luck! The first thing that I did was I went to Temecula for a week to see my grandma and my uncle. On christmas eve I went to my grate-grandparents house and opened up the presents and I got close and minecraft legos and the rest oft the days I went to daycare.

How I Celebrate Halloween

I will tell you how I celebrate Halloween

* I put ghost and zombies in the front of my house

* Then I go with my mom to the store to buy my sisters costume and mine

* Then we wear it to the Halloween school parade and on Halloween day too

On Halloween we all have fun getting candy and trick or treating. That is how I get ready for Halloween and celebrate Halloween.

The Boy Who Bragged

Photo Credit: JLeighR via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: JLeighR via Compfight cc

One day a little boy named John. His mom took him to Walmart with her saw Pokemon cards and wanted it because all his friends had them so he knew that they were popular. Johns mother said he can have a pack of the Pokemon cards and every day his mom took him to the store and he got Pokemon cards every time they went.

One day John had 246 Pokemon cards and he took them to school with him. John got had more then his friends so he bragged and got into trouble and his friends were really mad and sad because of what John did.

John had more than enough he had 1,068 Pokemon cards and he just would not stop bragging. One day he could not find his Pokemon cards he looked everywhere and could not find them so he put posters around the neighborhood.One day Johns friend came up to him and said, “Sorry but I stall your Pokemon cards because I did not like how you were bragging.” John said,” I’m sorry that I was bragging and being mean I’ll go say sorry to everyone and stop bragging.” John said sorry to all of his friends and promised that he would never Bragg or be mean to anyone again.


Help others

Help Others

If you want to what l think and why you should read more and if you can’t try to read it later.

I think that people should help others because

  • It’s nice to help others with stuff
  • If you help others they will think that it’s kind so they will help others and that should repeat
  • If you help others you can be a Ripple Kid that would be so great if you were
  • If you help people they will help you like how some people say treat people the way you want to be treated

That is why I think that it is important to help others. Read on to see some ways to help others or become a RIPPLE KID!!!

  • You can clean your neighborhood.
  • You can sell toys, clothes or food for the people that don’t have it or want it.
  • You can feed and help that people who don’t have enough money for the food they need
  • You can raise money for the homeless people

That was four ways to help others or become a RIPPLE KID but I know there is one million more ways that you can help others. You should become a RIPPLE KID or help others and be awesome so the world can be awesome too.

Everyone should help others !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be kind, safe and responsible and help others because it’s the best thing you can ever do.