PS4 for Christmas

My dad got me a ps4 for my self.

My dad got me a ps4 for Christmas with the season pass including a zombies bonus map the giant.The ps4 came with a control and bo3 game. When I got my ps4 I yelled ooooommmmgggg.

what we did with it.

Sence I didn’t know how to plug it in, My dad had to do it.  When he finished, My dads friend came in and started playing with my dad. When my mom came she brought us pizza from Little Caesars. My family and I ate 2 slices,of pizza each. When we were done eating we started playing again. We played so much that we played until 3 in the morning. At that time I got so tired of playing I fell a sleep.

Thank you dad…



the hunted house

One day,Their was a hunted house. The family who lived their was  the, griffin family.They were a healthy family.But until ,Something happened.This Puppet was shaking.5min later,The Pupit became ALIVE!!!The Pupit burned down the the house.But

Photo Credit: sebilden via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: sebilden via Compfight cc

The only one who survived,Was the Pupit.People say,He’s still alive.




Endangered Animals

I feel bad for some Animals,Why because,Some Animals and people hunt other animals for their meat,fur,skin,blood.

People hunt Koalas for their fur.The reason they hunt koalas is because,Of their soft fur. There fur really soft. Imagine what they would do with the fur.

Safe animals please we need them.You might be wondering were we get meat,And yes we get meat from animals.

Please safe the animals