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Hey sorry guys I haven’t been posting for a while or any of my class but I hope you enjoy this story I’ve been working on.

Chapter 1 

Once there was a foot ball team called the Wisconsin eagles and on that team there was one player that was so amazing all the other teams were jealous and that’s players name was………. Carlos and even though the teams were jealous they still liked him except the coach of the Boston beavers. He HATED them so one day that changed but for now I’m gonna tell the story.

Hoped you liked the first chapter leave a comment if you liked it.

Oh and say if you like the title , Love & Fall


Sequoia National Park

HELLO! Is anyone in here? Then my uncle came out with bags in his hands . What I did for winter break was go to Sequoia National Park with my uncle, aunt , cousins , my grandma , Patrick and his son  , Henry and his family , Jazmine and her family,and me. It took 4 hours to get there once we were there we went to a hotel and slept. The next day we were going to the snow and we needed chains for the mountains so we went up and up and up and up then Patrick got stuck in the snow  and in my head I was like “REALLY! ” so we need to stop and help him get out of the snow . Then we were there on top of the mountain to be honest it didn’t look like I was on top of the mountain and we played in the snow but by lunch time me and my cousins were cold and it started snowing so we went back to the hotel. The next day was better and the second to last day we were there so we went back up and this time we didn’t play befor we were at the snow area and we got there until 4:00pm and then we left. Sadly our last day here has come and it was pretty good but just listen we woke up early today to go to the snow early so we can leave and we went up AGAIN and this time it was some thing new the last hour at the snow Henry’s sister got really hurt on the snow dounut and we left and we left to the hotel to pack our stuff and we left to L.A.


Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral via Compfight cc

Once there was a beautiful flower and EVERYBODY loved it and they wanted to have it in there house but it was illegal to pick it but someone wanted  have it for themselves because it was so beautiful . One day at night it was so dark that nobody can see anything except for their lights at ther house so they quickly  The picked the flower and then the ran away with  it is  they ran away with it and nobody saw it him again, ever .
And  then a girl named Emma came along  and she saw the flower was gone and you saw something different about the whole village Smallville that it was black-and-white and nobody to really see anything but they had flashlight .  So she went through the valleys and swim though the rivers and then she realize that it was back in her hometown she went swam through the rivers through the valley of the mountains and then she was in Smallville.
Then she investigated all around where the crime scene one was and then she looked around and then she saw glove ,a glove that was on the floor and she investigated the glove and then she places it to the police office yes there was police station back then and it was just 1935. Then she was kidnapped … 


Endanger Animals


I think that some of the U.S.A should help the poor animals that hardly are alive like the bald eagle, the snow leopard, the blue whale ,Asian elephant, and leatherback turtles and in many more years to come all of these things are going to be extinct as for many more. So I think that how people can help is to stop polluting and stop and if it’s a short time away like three minutes they should stop and walk or bike there to stop polluting the air, and to find out what the endangered animals are go here :

And if you want to help with animals and your a child you can be a ripple kid and if you except go here to be one your self :

Or here for animals and register