Amazing Gift

It was Christmas Day….. The clock had stroke midnight….. And it was time to do the gift exchange. I gave my present to my cousin Alondra. She liked my gift I gave her. I got her gift from Victoriouse Secerence. I gave her pink sweats, perfume, and makeup. I was about to go upstairs to open my Christmas gift my mom and dad had bought me, till…… I was about to get a gift from someone, my mom called me to go back downstairs. So I went downstairs to get my gift. My cousin Alexis gave me my gift. And when I opened it I was happy. I got this amazing Tyler Oakley book. I always wanted it. I turned back to my cousin Alexis, Alexis….. I thought your brother was my secret Santa? Nope he wasn’t. I was. I tricked you for I could know what you wanted for Christmas. Wow….. Well thank you so much for the gift. Your Welcome.




Halloween Who are you?

www.dreamstime.com400 × 200Search by image

www.dreamstime.com400 × 200Search by image

Hi my name is Courtney. I live with 3 people. My brother Noah, my father Angel and me. I know I don’t have a mom. She died when I was 2 years old and when my brother was 4. Whenever my brother Noah and I talked about her how she died are father will just sent us to are rooms. So we never talked about her since then. The day she died I heard something. I heard weird things. I couldn’t describe it. I been trying to figure it out when I was 6.

I was in 5th grade when we had a  Halloween party  at school on October 29. I even been getting bad grades because I never payed attention to the teacher. I been drawing in my text book. I don’t know what some of them mean or what they are. I been looking at one of the pictures I drew when I was in 3rd grade. I drew this picture of a person in a black cape. I didn’t draw the face I never new why. Sometimes I think that the pictures I drew are real.

It was October 29,2015 I was wearing a wizard costume from Harry Pottery. The thing about this costume is it has magic. I know right MAGIC! Let me tell you the story of how this is happened. When I was buying this costume the man said…..  I’m warning you this costume has powers. The other people that came here and bought the costume had changed, he said.” What do you mean changed? I said. Ugh… I said to much. WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM! I demanded.Changing the subject. You want the costume or not he said. Yes I do. Ok don’t say I war- Before he could finish the sentence I went out the door. Ok thanks! I said.

Anyways….. I  saw my friend John. Hey John! I said. What are you suppose to be? He said. A witch duh. What are you supposed to be? I asked. A vampire. That was a dumb question, John said. You don’t really look like a vampire. How don’t I? Well 1 thing is where is your fangs? And second of all vampires aren’t suppose to be out in the sun. Well it’s just pretend Halloween, he said. I know but if you really want to look like a real vampire I suggest you take my advise. Ok. But how am I going to get fangs? Leave it to me, said Courtney. Are you sure I could trust you? Nope. Ugh….. I got a bad feeling of this. RING! The bell rang. Aww. Feww… No not feww. I was going to find you fangs! Wait a minute. Find me fangs? No I meant get you fangs. Hmm… John had a serious face.

Hey John do you want to help my brother and I find some clues. About you? Don’t worry I already know clues about you.Not that. Then what about? My father. What about your dad? I think he killed my mom. Your mom? I nodded. Why do you think your dad would of killed her? I don’t know. What do you remember that night when your mom died? John asked. I was barely 2 years old. But do you remember at least a little bit? Yeah, I said. All I heard was spooky sounds. Really that’s it? Just spooky sounds? Well let me remind you again I was 2 YEARS OLD! Ok…… Ok…… Well what kind of spooky sounds did you hear that night? I don’t know. I can’t describe it. I said. Well ok I will help you. You will? THANK YOU! Ok it’s time for us to get to class. Ok.

John and I where in 3rd period already. John and Courtney your leaving home early for the day. Again, John and Courtney your leaving home early for the day. Hmm? John and I where confused. Why are we leaving home early today? I don’t know he said. RING! Hmm…… John and I checked are phones. Meet me at the Hewes Middle school? What the. Courtney look. Someone texted me. What did they say? They said to meet me at the Hewes Middle school. Me too, I said. But who sent it? I don’t know? So Courtney and John went to Hewes Middle school to go see who send the text message.

Chapter 2

Who are you?

Photo Credit: farnergeorge via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: farnergeorge via Compfight cc

John and Courtney walked into Hewes Middle school to see who had texted them… When John and Courtney entered the room they found stairs. Hey Courtney, whats up here? I don’t know, I said. Want to go check it out? Really. What? Are you serious. Walking around into a school that has been abandoned for 2 thousand years! Shhhh!!! What? You hear that? I hear foot steps. Its getting closer and closer! AHHHH!!!!!!!


Turning my life up side down


Photo Credit: somesai via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: somesai via Compfight cc

🐼There was a panda named Maddie. Maddie is a panda that lives with her brother Jordon. Jordan is this lazy panda that liked to sleep all the time. And Maddie was this sweat and loving panda.

Maddie and Jordon lived in Africa but they don’t  like it because it to hot for them. And they can’t even climb trees in Africa. They always had trouble living there because they were different from all the animals. There was no pandas in Africa.

Jordon and Maddie hated living in Africa. They wanted to live in the Forest like other pandas. So Jordon and Maddie had a plan.  They decided to leave at midnight when everyone is a sleep, to sneak out and go to the Forest. But where is the Forest they wondered? Maddie and  Jordon are really smart pandas. Jordon,” Maddie said I know how to go to the forest. How, Jordon asked? We can go to Emilys office and get her phone. And we search up how can we go to the forest from the animal shelter.

So then Maddie and Jordon searched up how to go to the forest from the animal shelter. And they took Emily’s phone with them. Shhhh!!! What? Jordon said. Someone’s coming

To be continued



How can we help Endangered Animals

How can we help Endangered Animals?

I think we could help Endangered Animals by going to the beach and pick up trash on the sand and in the water. If we just through trash in the water the animals homes will be destroyed. And some animals could get stuck in them.


Some help people a lot like for example a dog. Dogs help blind people    a lot. Like taking them where they want to go. Dogs help people cross the street. A lot of dogs are really smart. Like the first eye seeing dog,he was the first dog to help a blind man. The blind man was crossing the street one day and he was almost going to be ran over. But the dog saw that he was going to be crossed by those cars so the dog was pulling on his lesh and running to the other side of the road. The. Dog saved the mans life.

I know we need to eat but we could eat vegetarian food instead of eating meat in once in a while.