The Bows And Arrows

The Bow and Arrows

*SLAM* went the door as I entered my cousins home. My 3rd oldest cousin (Tobi) greeted me, along with my youngest cousin (Syd).It was just a couple days after Christmas, so of course I asked what they had gotten for Christmas. One gift caught my attention out of all them, Tobi had gotten a wooden bow and arrow! She picked up the bow and arrows up from the couch. “Wanna see it?” Tobi asked. I replied saying “Sure?” She adjusted the pillows on the couch to make a target for her to hit. She backed up, put the bow to her shoulder, drew the arrow from the box it was in, fit the arrow, and pulled back on the bow’s string. Suddenly Naomi, My 2nd oldest cousin called out, “You guys should go into the backyard to shoot the bow and arrows!” We all agreed and went to the backyard.

The backyard was a perfect spot to shoot the arrows but, there wasn’t many things to shoot. We ended up shooting at a old tree. Tobi was gonna show me and Syd how to shoot the bow and arrow. Tobi did the same thing she had done before. This time though she actually shot the arrow. It hit the tree and bounced off. She turned to face me “Okay, Dani wanna try?” “Mhmm!” I walked up to her and she handed me the bow. I got an arrow and looked at it. The arrows were mostly wooden, except that they had a plastic tip. They were also a little bent. I tried to do the same thing Tobi did. I shot the arrow. The arrow didn’t go very far, it landed about a foot away from me. I laughed, Tobi laughed, We all laughed. Tobi went again and then me… Over again and again. (Syd went inside since she was bored) Tobi corrected me to help me get better at shooting the bow.

It was my turn again, I did the things Tobi did before. Nearly done with the box of arrows.I focused. And let go of the arrow. “Yes!!! That’s the most far my arrows have gone!” The arrow was halfway to the tree! Tobi congratulated me. “Woah, nice!” She went to go plant the arrow in the ground. “To see improvement” She asked if it could be her turn. I agreed. It was starting to hurt my hand anyways. She grabbed the arrows, (Not the one she planted in the ground though) I handed her the bow. She did the same things that she had done before. Letting go of the arrow, it bounced off the tree and into the neighbor’s backyard! *GASP* We laughed for about a second. Then went inside since there was no getting that one arrow back.


Sarah (Star is her nickname) was trick-or-treating with her older sister, and her older sister’s friends. Her sister was not scared of anything. Her friends too! Star wasn’t one to straight out admit she was a big chicken. She hated Halloween. She had all ways been scared by someone, something,or somewhere. Even a pine-cone scared her one year, “I thought it was an alien coming to eat me!”, “It was on the ground, not moving and not even some sort of a Halloween decoration. .” “Oh… BUT IT  STILL SCARED ME!!”. She hasn’t heard the end of it. This year she didn’t want to go trick-or-treating, but she was forced to by her big,older,jerk of a sister.

Star wanted to feel a bit safer so she took her favorite stuffed animal along with her, Rainbow the Star. (Her sister laughed hard at her when she heard this) After going out for a while, Star was actually starting to feel more comfortable trick-or-treating. Her sister noticed this too. She wasn’t gonna have it. “Hey… Star? Can I see Rainbow? Just to make sure she is fine..?” Star replied eager to get to the next house, “Yeah sure!” She threw the stuffed star at her sister and went to the house she was eager to get to. Her sister laughed a bit and faked a tripping scene. “OOPS” She threw the stuffed star in to a old house’s balcony. (She wanted to play it safe in case Star, turned and saw her just chuck the star into its doom. She would get in trouble then!) Star came back, jumping with joy since she got a “Super Triple Deluxe Chocolate Nutty Bar Mini” Star looked around, almost looking like she was lost. “Wheres Rainbow?!” “I *Accidentally* tripped and lost Rainbow!!” Star could hear how her sister pronounced accidentally. “YOU BIG JERK!!!, I’M TELLING MOMMY AND DADDY AND EVERYONE.” “Fine. You go do that you big tattletale. I’m not helping you get rainbow back!” Star grabbed the flashlight out of one of her sisters friends and marched into the old house.

“Oh mommy and daddy are gonna ground her!!!” Star grumbled. She walked on up to the front doors. “Wait a second… Where is rainbow?!” Star realized. She looked around and saw Rainbow chilling out on the upstairs balcony. Star groaned. She walked in expecting to be killed in the first step in. “Here goes nothing…” Star walked in. She screamed and everything went black.

Star realized she wasn’t dead. But it was a bit hard to breathe. She opened her eyes after feeling the cold ground

Kookie The Koala

Photo Credit: James Niland via

Photo Credit: James Niland via Compfight

Kookie lay in his usual spot of his family’s tree. He was tired from playing with his little koala sister, Coco. Kookie laid down and relaxed. He eventually fell asleep after looking at the wind blow through the leaves of his family’s tree for a while. (His favorite way to relax) Coco dropped down from a higher part of the tree. “BIG BROTHER WAKE UP!!”, screamed Coco. Kookie woke up nearly falling out of the tree all together! “Coco!! What was that for?! Don’t scream at me next time, I nearly just fell out!” Kookie answered. Coco agreed. Kookie asked, “So what do you want Coco that was so important that you nearly made me die?” Coco said,”Just wanted to tell you. Mom got you this-” Coco held up a shiny rock. Kookie stopped in shock. “MOM GOT ME THIS?!” Kookie took the rock quickly, and a huge grin appeared on his face. “Yep. She felt bad about how you nearly died playing with me earlier.” (Coco is a dangerous koala. Don’t trust her with anything) “Tell mom I say thanks!” Kookie shouted as he crawled into the family tree. “Sure thing big brother!” Coco yelled.

Kookie looked at the beautiful object in his hand. He admired it. Kookie said, “This is about the coolest thing I’ve EVER seen!” He set it down. Coco came over to Kookie and screamed like always. “KOOKIE LETS GO PLAY SOMETHING NOW.” Kookie sat up at looked at Coco with some sort of death glare. “Fine…” Kookie answered. He got up lazily and climbed down where Coco was. “Cmon.” He grumbled. Kookie started climbing toward their normal play area. Coco climbed up to where Kookie was before she had yelled at him. She grabbed the shiny rock from where it lay. “This might be a good idea huh?” Coco sqaid to herself. She grinned and hid the rock under some leaves. “Let’s see how he reacts to when it’s *gone*.” Kookie shouted, “Are you coming?” Coco replied,”COMING!”

After playing for what seemed forever to Kookie. Kookie gave in and started to have some real fun, although he wasn’t in the best of moods. They played until their mom called them in for some dinner. Eating some eucalyptus leaves Kookies and Cocos mom asked Kookie about the rock. Kookie remembered about the rock. He freaked out so much that he nearly choked on his leaves. “Oh umm… I think I lo- I mean it’s in my room?” Kookies Mom replied,”Mmhmm.” And then mumbled something under her breath. Kookie asked to be excused from dinner. He ran (As fast as a koala could) around looking under stuff inside his home. “Where is it?! Maybe Coco knows. Maybe not. Oh no!” He ran to get Coco. “You’re gonna help me look. NOW!” Kookie said.  Coco and Kookie looked for while. Coco was now starting to get tired of this. “If I tell you where it is, will you chill out big brother?” Kookie froze. Another death glare was given to Coco from Kookie. Kookie was furious!!! “Grr…” Kookie grumbled. Coco laughed and lead the way. She came up to the pile of leaves she hid the rock in. Kookie closely followed. She dug through the pile. But she didn’t find anything other than leaves. Coco had a scared face on, for once in her life. Kookie looked at her very annoyed. “Where is it?” Kookie snapped. Coco said, “I don’t k-now.” Coco swallowed hard. Kookie and Coco looked at each other not sure what to do.


Kookie ripped through some leaves. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT, NOW WE ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!” Kookie snapped once again. “I’m sorry big brother!!! It was supposed to be a no-harm done prank!!” Coco whimpered. Kookie sighed. “I’m sorry too. I don’t know what got in me. You forgive me for yelling at you?” Coco answered, ” I forgive you, as long as you forgive me!” “Done. But now we have this issue. Finding the rock. We’ll work together okay?” “Okay.” They searched everywhere. Under rocks, Between rocks (So many rocks.) On trees. Basically ANYWHERE. Kookie sighed. “I give in…” “Me too…” Answered Coco. “Let’s go tell mom.” They walked to the family tree, climbed up and prepared to be grounded for the rest of their lives. “Mom, I think we lost that rock you have me…” Their mother chuckled. “Mom you okay?!” Coco asked. Kookies mother broke into full-up laughter. “You mean this? Right, my pair of sweets?” Kookies mother held up the rock. It seemed to shine brighter than ever. Kookie and Coco nodded. Kookies mother handed them the rock. “There you go my pair of sweets. Don’t lie to me next time honeybunch. Oh and Coco, my little princess, don’t play such pranks on your brother.” Their mother walked off. Kookie and Coco laughed along with their mother little joke. Kookie put the rock on the table. “I need to be more careful. For my own good…”

Technology In Times Of Disaster

When disaster hits, it’s always a scary time. Even for the people not in the disaster! Especially if they realize a loved one is caught in the disaster. Present day technology can help with disasters quite a bit.

(This applys to all disasters) See if a loved one, (In disaster) manages to reach a connection, they will most likely call family OR call for help if they or someone else needs it. If they manage to reach their loved ones, it lifts a HUGE weight off all their chests, Loved ones in the disaster and all the people managing to get the call! With the person in the disaster now knows that, A: People know that their OK and alive. B: If they need help, they will get it real soon! And the person receiving the call now knows A: Their loved one is currently okay! B: Their loved one is making it out safely from the disaster.

Even if the loved one or whoever doesn’t have good technology at the time, cause hey it is a disaster, lots of things do get destroyed or ruined. But, still anything during a disaster can and will help!