the end of Halloween



Photo Credit: barnimages via Compfight cc

there once was a man named Jeff  ho hated Halloween

Jeff was walking home and tpd a houes because they loved Halloween

“Haha that’s what hapens wen you love Halloween”

“hay you get back here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“It’s Time to end  hallaween for ever”

He biult a time machine and went back in time and stops the first Halloween

“Muhhaha no more Halloween”

“but we thot you were dead”

“no that was my clone”

then he ended Halloween

the advetures of jones and smokey the cats of wonder


there were two cats who were indor cats. there time for indors is over!!!

“Jones im bord and tired of being a indor cat”

“so am I”

“smokey lets find a way out ”

“ok jones”

(10 mins later) “jones i see a door”

“good work smokey”

“try to open it”

“ok” (and they did open it and got out side)

“wow this is amazing!”

“I know jones what’s that” A giant scratching post :D”

Omg scratch it!!

( 10 mins later)”come on jones ok smokey lets go back inside”



The End



How technology helps in disasters

Technology helps when your boat is sinking and you can call for help.  Also when you get stuck in a fire you can call for help (if there’s cellphone service)  so the can get you out of there. Finally it can help when you fall over if you a fancy alert system. That’s how technology helps in disaster.