Star Wars day!

During Winter break me and my relatives thought of the idea of watching Star Wars so we did.We watched every single Star Wars movie with Luke skywalker (mark hamil) when we where done watching the first three movies me and my relatives went to go see the new Star Wars movie the force awakens it was awesome.When we got back we watched the prequel of the Star Wars movies.My favorite is attack of the clones.When we were done we all made cookies then we ate them.That was probably the best day ever well for now till I. Join the army and sky dive.And that ends today’s blog.

the dragonfly

In a land not far there was a dragonfly named Henry he was a red dart wing dragonfly he is looking for prey not for him but today is a special day he is going to be a dad.While he was hunting he saw some fruit flies he flew in as fast as a hummingbird he garbed six and headed home till he flew by mistake in to a bazillion wandering spider Henry doged the attack he pushed it in a bird nest.Sill on he’s quest to head home.