The Grand Canyon

“Boy was the sight amazing!! Oh hi! I didn’t see you there! I was just enjoying my time at the Grand Canyon!” Here’s how it went. We decided to go to a road trip to the Grand Canyon. It was so cool!!! Although the van could only fit 8 people,although there were 9 people  in the van!! Gee were we crammed! It was a 4 hour trip to the Grand Canyon so let’s skip ahead. When we arrived at the Grand Canyon it was sooo cold. Although we still wanted to go, but the parents didn’t want anyone to get sick.  Before we left we went to buy souvenirs although I didn’t buy any I just bought chips. (I was really hungry!)So we went to Hoverdam and that’s when we realized that it was so crowded so we went home and stayed there. After we went and ate food. The chief was Gordon Ramsay.

Jimmy and Tommy

Once upon a time there was a jack o lantern named Tommy. He was lonely although one day  a jack o lantern came over. Tommy was so excited!! His name is Jimmy. They played the whole day on the lighting and the apple bobbing. After that it was time for Jimmy to go home. Tommy said”Wait!! I have something for you!” Tommy gave Jimmy his own number so that could pumkintalk and pumkinsee. (In human language its texting and facetime!) When Jimmy went home he started putting in Tommy’s number and they started to pumkintalk. After a few minutes of pumkintalk they finally had to stop because there phone was dead. Then after they ate they decided to pumkinsee. After that they had to go and take a bath. After they took a bath they went to bed and the next day, they met and they played with each other on the see-saw. After that they went to school and never saw each other again.

Crystal’s Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a dolphin who was a mix because her father was a wild killer whale and her mom was a blue dolphin.

Hi! My name is Crystal Shellwater and welcome to the inside of my head. Okay now let’s start from the beginning of my life. I was born on October 25th, although here’s the twist my father was a wild killer whale! Anyway, I skipped preschool and went into kindergarten.there I was the new kid. It wasn’t fun. I was always jealous of other kids because they got tons of friends and I just sat there on the benches.


Then when I entered first grade I met new friends their names were Peyton Waternose and Sky Bottlenose. They we’re best friends. They played everywhere together and played everywhere. Sometimes when their moms didn’t let them have sleepovers together they would throw fits. After first grade I had my birthday!!! It was fun now I am in second grade(the writer is in 5th grade) and I love writing its soooo fun! Anyway that’s all  the time  I have to tell you until next time! Bye!


Photo Credit: cseeman via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: cseeman via Compfight cc

Endangered Speices

                                      The Komodo Dragon

Imagine your in the woods and you fell, your now face-to-face with the largest lizard living in the world! A meat eating monster (really not a monster) up to 12 feet long, weighing 300 pounds!

The current population of Komodo Dragon seems stable at about 5,000 all over the world, although scientists are worried because only 350 of them are females. The dragons distribution makes them highly susceptible to nature or human-caused events, such as fire, storms, or disease.

The Komodo Dragon eats deer,pigs,birds,and smaller lizard or young dragons.

The primary threats to this dragon’s survival include illegal hunting and loss of habit to human settlement. The Komodo Dragon was sought as trophies by big-game hunters. They were also killed for skins and feet to make novelties. Early this century many Komodo Dragons were trapped and we’re on sale at local zoos and private collectors.