Christmas at my house and a day of fun!

The Second I wake up you feel it’s Christmas at my house jolly spirit in the air.  I get out of bed you run to the Christmas tree “Presents!”  I Open The Presents I get new toys and loving Christmas card from My loving Family. Now the time for fun is begin. I start my Christmas off by playing a game called team fortress 2 ‘tf2’. Tf2 is a customization frist person shooter with nine different customization class. after 10 rounds I stop playing

All of the nine class in team fortress 2








Have you ever wanted to know the origins of Halloween

Old farmer Believe Spirit on the date 10/31/- the day of spirits.  Spirits come to a farm and kill crops it happen in till smart farmer crops mostly  pumpkins. The smart farmer though the spirits wanted crops. So they   put pumpkins on the door step. People give candy to trick-or-treaters they you to give crops spirits. So you  where  costume To  act to be spirits.through the years Halloween chance since it was longer ago. Halloween was spirit killing crops to people dressing up in costume ringing door bells giving candy.


Hunting animals for fun is not right

Hunting animals is not right.Us human don’t want to be the

last species on earth. Sometimes hunter are thinking an animal is not. endangered animal but sometimes when the hunter not looking

closely.they sometimes killed and endangered species then the hunter fleding.many The hunter killed an innocent animals to skin the animal for skins and is selling them as coat for money. But you don’t have to use animal skin for a coat on a cold day…  You can wool for a coat wool come from sheep it doesn’t harm the animal in less they harvest the wool wrong.

So can you please help animals from being hunted