Why Not Walk?

A few summers ago I was in the Cayman Islands for vacation. We walked to all the close places on the island and it felt great! Because of this, I think that people should walk or do other things like bike or skateboard to get to their destination. If people did this they would have fun while getting around. Second, walking saves gas money that you can spend on more important things. Finally, I think that we should walk places because it puts less smog and chemicals in the air and that is better for the environment.

When we walk places we would have fun while getting around. My proof for this is that biking, skateboarding, and walking is fun and having fun feels good. Secondly, when we ride bikes or skateboards we learn a new skill that could become a hobby. Also, if we walk we would get a lot more exercise.

Another reason is that if we walked we would save gas money for the more important things. My reasons for this are that food is much more important than gas for your car. My second reason is that we could save gas money for bills and rent. My third reason is that clothes are more important than gas.

In addition, if we used cars less it would put less smog and chemicals in the air. Also, smog is making the earth warmer and that is melting polar ice caps. Furthermore, smog is making the water dirty, which is killing fish. Lastly, if there were less smog it would make cities cleaner.

For these reasons, I think that if we walked or did other things like skateboard or bike to the place that they are traveling to it would be better. When we do this we will be getting exercise, saving money, and helping the environment. So next time you’re going somewhere, why not try walking?

Should Dogs Be in Pounds?

Dogs shouldn’t be in pounds. I think that dogs wouldn’t be there if people treated their pets with respect. Why do people buy or breed them if they are not going to treat them right? I wish I knew why because then maybe I can do something about it and maybe convince people that what they are doing is wrong. Maybe I could make a society where people can come up with ideas to stop people from making a bad decision. Pets have feelings too so you should treat them like family because they are family and you shouldn’t treat family badly. Pets are intelligent creatures. Dogs know how you are feeling and if they can they will try to make you feel comfortable and happy. I picked out some thoughts about dogs in pounds.

First, dogs in pounds are depressed because they don’t have any space to play, they don’t have anybody to play with, and have no families.

Next, dogs in pounds are put to sleep because there is no room for them, they were in pain ,and no one adopted them.

Finally, dogs in pounds are there because their owners couldn’t take care of them, their owners didn’t treat them right, and they didn’t have homes to go to.

Why I chose dogs shouldn’t be in pounds is because I have a dog and I have seen some stuff on the news about people hurting their pets and I thought that it was cruel. I Am an animal lover so when I see or hear that people are hurting their pets, I wonder why they are people hurting their pets and why did they get a pet? It makes me sad to hear and see that their owner has been hurting them. So I take good care of my dog. We love him and he loves us. I hope that one day people will realize that hurting animals is wrong and that they stop hurting animals.

Everybody Should Have Pets

Photo Credit: Kat & Dog via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Kat & Dog via Compfight cc

Did you know that pets have incredible sense and can even sense your feelings! Everybody should have pets. People should have pets because, pets are incredibly loyal. Pets are loving and if you are sad they will make you feel better. Pets are also kept in cages and are not treated as well as they should and they are put to sleep every day when they are at the pound!

People should have pets because, pets are incredibly loyal. They always are loving and kind. Also they are really good with humans and will make listen to whatever you say. Pets will always be on your side. Like a dog, dogs are incredibly loyal have you ever heard a dog is a man’s best friend well thats true.

Also pets are loving and if you are sad they will make you feel better. With experience I was sad once and my dog came up to me and started licking me. He brought up his toy and cheered me up. Also, most pets have a great sense of smell and can sense your feelings so they know when to cheer you up. Pets are the best thing you can have and will cheer you up when you ever feel bad.

You should also have a pet because they are killed if they are in the pound for more than a week. Pets are amazing and you don’t want them to be killed because they are so beautiful and nice. Pets should be treated like we are because they are equal and they are amazing. Pets are just left behind at their owners house and the pets are left to die because, the owner does not want them. They are put put to sleep because, the pound does not have enough room for all the animals.

Pets are incredible and you should rescue one! Pets are incredibly loyal and will always love you. If pets are in the pound for more than a week they will be put to sleep, pets are loving and if you are sad they will make you feel better. All people should have pets! Go get a pet right now or whenever you can. I bet you they will always be there for you and always will love you. Go get one before it is too late!

Are Smartphones Essential for Kids?

Smartphone Technology is here now and it’s essential for the future. Insures much of education and learning process.

It’s possible, you forgot your school device and remembered that you brought your phone to school. You can use the internet to do some research or search something up possibly “What is the last step to write a story?” You can watch videos as well.“ How to do the standard way to do division?

If there is an emergency when parents are not around? What will you do? Last year I went to a picnic with my family I was playing with my cousin in the playground. My mom told me “We are going to walk with your dad. Brandon is going to watch you”. I was so into playing I heard just mumbling from my mom. I was still playing with my cousin, my brother Brandon heard ice cream cart coming his way. While I was in the playground I noticed Brandon was gone. I was lost. I got my phone called him. He didn’t answer I called him one more time he answered. I asked him where he was. We eventually find each other.You never know what’s going to happen perhaps you could get hurt or even get abducted!

The cellphone is meant for calling. Smartphones do many more stuff than an ordinary cellphone would. When your family and friends are not around and you’re a distance away, perhaps you want to say “How is Leo doing.” or “There is a business meeting at  my house”. When my dad was in England to visit my grandma I contacted him in different way like Calling, Texting, and Video Chatting.

Smartphones are very essential for children because many kids will not missing their devices for educational reasons, emergencies, and distanced calls. If you see a kid over 10-years-old that doesn’t have a smartphone, ask their parents to get them one. Tell your parents to talk to there parents to convince them to buy the kid a smartphone. Perhaps, kids should convince their parents to get a smartphone.


What’s Your Opinion on Climate Change?

My opinion topic is climate change because the polar ice caps are melting because of us and the animals that live there are in danger. Instead of sitting in the car we can become healthier by walking to school or work and you can help lower pollution.

The environment is getting dirtier and dirtier for reasons we can explain. The reason is because of air pollution. It comes from Industry’s,Towns and Cities,Power Generation.

Some people are out of shape so walking to school or work can help lower pollution and get you in shape at the same time. Then you’ll feel better because you’re saving the environment and becoming healthier.

There are some people who became solar powered and helped the earth become more energy relint. You should too because when we cook we can also cause indoor air pollution. By using open fires it can burn animal dung, coal, wood, and crop waste.

In conclusion we should use less transportation and more walking. You can even ride a bike or skateboard as long as you have fun while you are saving the environment.

Should Kids Skateboard Anywhere They Want?

Should kids be allowed to skateboard anywhere they want? I think that kids should be allowed to skateboard wherever they want. I always see people getting places on skateboards, and longboards, and penny boards and a lot of different stuff. I also get to places on my skateboard. I go to the store sometimes or when our family goes out I take my skateboard.

Skateboarding can cause no pollution in the air like gasoline does to the air. You can get to places and also getting a good exercise. You get a exercise when you push your legs get tired sometimes, that means that you’re exercising. And about the gasoline you can get diesel gas, but it’s expensive.

When you’re mad you can go skateboard and it can be like a stress reliever to you. For me when I get mad or frustrated I skateboard and have fun and I sometimes forget why I’m mad. Just when you don’t land a trick or something don’t go crazy and break your skateboard. You kind of forget how hard life is going on you, if it even is going hard on you.

You can make friends with skateboarding and when you make your new friends you can talk about skateboarding and other stuff. Meeting new people is good because you need become a part of your society. Also you can learn your angles like 180 degrees or 360 flips and more stuff like that. You can also go with your new friends and get a good exercise by going to the skatepark with them.

People should be allowed to skateboard in public places and wherever they want. If our community or society started using skateboards for transportation the air would be cleaner. There wouldn’t be a lot of cars on the road. People would be getting exercise and stronger legs. Maybe everyday or sometimes you should ride your skateboard to school so you won’t be polluting the air with gasoline and chemicals that the gasoline has. And like I said earlier you get good exercise in the morning. I want you to start using skateboard in your community for transportation.

No More Internet for Homework or Research

At school I do a lot of research and homework on the internet. I see a lot of inappropriate material, unreliable sources, and my school iPad doesn’t work at home. Since most schools use the internet for homework and research now most kids will see these things. That’s why I think kids should not use the internet for homework or research.

First, students can find inappropriate material on the site they are using. An inappropriate pop-ad might be on the page. Also, the student might be trying to find a video and instead of coming up with what they want it shows them an inappropriate video. Then, the site they are using can have inappropriate language. They might not know it is bad and use it.

Second, they could be using an unreliable and therefore that site gives them false information. They also maybe using an outdated site so they don’t get all the information they need. Finally, there might be 2 conflicting sites and they don’t know which one to use.

Third, the student might not have internet access at home. Then they don’t do their homework. Second, they might get on the site but their homework or research might not be recorded. Then, there might not be a place for them to do homework or research on the internet.

In conclusion, it is a bad idea for students to do homework or research on the internet. Our world would be a better and safer place. Kids would act age appropriate and safe. Kids would act age appropriate because, they won’t know stuff they aren’t supposed to know. I want you to use a book for research or homework instead of the internet.

My Opinion of Kids Staying Inside

Topic: Kids shouldn’t be inside all day

Last week my brother was inside all day and he was lazy all day and he kept saying no to his mom and he was grounded for a week. Then his friends asked him if he wanted to go to a party but he was too lazy to get up so they went without him.Then he said that he had really bad headaches so he went to the eye doctor and the doctor said that my brother needed glasses because he was staring at a screen all day and I want people to be outside most of the time. Not all day but for 2 or 3 hours a day

First of all I don’t like it when kids are inside all day. They do stuff that keeps kids moving like clean the house or make dinner for the family and you could learn how to cook when you cook for your family. That could make you bond with friends and family.

Also if kids are outside then you should be playing sports or being taught how to play a sport. kids should be out to be active and fit. some kids that kept playing sports outside turned out to be superstars and now are really famous. You could take after school classes to use your free time learning new things and you could turn out to be really good at it.

In addition when you are inside you could get vision problems and bad headaches. some kids that watch T.V a lot need to go to the eye doctor and the eye doctor says that you need glasses because you watch too much T.V. you would either have to wear glasses daily or only most of the time. And that is why you shouldn’t be inside all day

Children should not be inside all day they should be playing instead. While you are inside you could do active stuff also and you could bond with family and when outside you should hang out with friends. Some kids that are outside could turn into sport superstars when you are just practicing a sport. When inside some people can get really bad vision problems and would have to wear glasses daily and if you did not get glasses you would get horrible headaches. I want kids to play outside for most of their free time.