The key Hole

Once upon a time there was a man who was on vacation and he decided to spend some of it in a hotel. He arrived at the hotel and one of the workers there had warned him about the room with no number. He was told to not open the door in any way. He got a little scared but decided not to let it bother him. The next day he felt a little curious and decided to take a peek through the Key Hole. All he saw was a person in all white, their back facing the door, and their head banging against the wall. He got pretty freaked out so he just went on with his day. A little later he went to go see it again, but all he saw was red, just red. He got curious so he went to go ask the worker what happened and he was informed that there was once someone who visited  there that had died from a accident and she is still there and haunts it. He was also told that she had pale white skin and RED eyes.

What he did not know before, was that the ghost of the person saw him through their RED eyes.

Me, Myself,and I

Photo Credit: Hase don via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Hase don via Compfight cc

This story will involve 3 to 4 things. Me,Myself, and I most importantly, my personality. There is this other book called “The Periodic Table” and it tells you the personality of each element. But my  personality was nowhere to be seen. Witch is not a bad thing. You are all proboly wondering what my personality is so I will tell you in three worgs. Hilarious,enthusiastic, and confodent. There is wat more but those were the the top three ones. Once you really get to know me you will discover more. I love QUOTES,PIGS,and the color PURPLE. My Favorite quote is “Every morning you can fall back asleep and drean, or wake up and chase them.” One that i share with my friend is “If we get caught remember, you are deaf and I don’t speak English.” And my favorite pig is a Micro Pig. Lastly, I love purple because it could stand out in a croud of 1,000,000 people. And so can I. If you want to learn more about me, lets hope I learn moer about myself and write something to show you……. WHO I AM!!!

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Palm Springs huge water slide

Have you ever been on a huge water slide in Palms Springs? Well, I  have. It wasn’t that hot but we still wanted to go. We thought that we would be able to walk, but it was pretty far away and we felt kind of lazy, so we took the car. When we got there we couldn’t see anything other than the pool. So we thought that there wasn’t a water slide, even though there is supposed to be. About 5 to 6 seconds later we saw a humongous water slide. We grabbed a mat and ran up there as fast as we could. As we cept going and doing way different things everyone left. Which wasn’t a bad thing becase we had the slide all to ourselves. I had a goal it was to stand up in the last part of the slide. While I was running with my sister dragging her mat in front of me she dropped it and I fell bruising my knee and my hip.and it is still bruised to this day. I was sitting out for a little bit and then I decided to go one last time before it closed and this time my dad went on too. He only went on twice then he wanted to play volleyball in the pool.  “Hey” Have you ever played volleyball in the pool? I have.

The Girl who stood on a Grave

Some boys and girls were at a Halloween party one night, and there was a graveyard down the street. They were talking about how scary it was. One boy said ”  If you stand on a grave it will grab you” ” It will pull you under”. ” That’s not true” One of the girls said. ” Its just a myth”. “Ill give you a dollar if you stand on it”. said another boy. ” It doesn’t scare me ” ” I’ll do it right now “. the boy handed her a stick and said ” Take this stick and put it in the ground so we know that you were there”. She took the stick and slowly went to the grave and said to herself” There is nothing to be scared of.” But she was scared anyway. She picked a grave and stood on it. She bent down and stuck the stick into the grave and started to leave, but she couldn’t. Something was holding her back. She tries a second time, she was still there. ” Somethings got me.” she said. Then she fell to the ground. When she didn’t come back, they started to look for her. They founded her body spreaded across the grave. What she didn’t realize was that when she stuck the stick in into the ground it went through her skirt first. It was only the stick that held her back. She died of fright. The boys and girls ran away screaming. When they cane back, one of the boys said ” I can’t wait until Christmas is here!”

Photo Credit: muffinman71xx via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: muffinman71xx via Compfight cc


Lynn’s Present

Photo Credit: Hase don via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Hase don via Compfight cc

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lynn. Lynn loved pigs. And Christmas was coming up. The only thing on her Christmas list was a pig. And maybe other things, but they had something to do with pigs. Every day she would learn something new about a pig. She would call them pig facts.This is what she said as her pig fact today.”Did you know that micro pigs can cost at least 1,000 dollars, and they are so small you won’t even believe it.

While Christmas was coming soon Lynn wanted a pig even more. She begged her parents almost 100 times a day.  Ok maybe less than that.

She  got super gloomy. And very sad. She knew that Christmas was coming soon and her parents still didn’t agree with her getting a pig. A second later her parents came to her and said ” Sweetie you’re choice is                We either move and get a pig.” “Or we stay here and don’t get a pig.”  She didn’t know what to say because she had lots and lots of friends,and she has been begging her parents ever since she could say pig. She said ” Let me sleep on it.

In the morning she was exited because it was Christmas eve. And she was also sad because she still didn’t have her answer for her moms question. But her mom let her open up a few presents before Chirstmas. She was hoping for a pig. It wasn’t a pig, but it was some small outfits. The size of a pig. The second one was not a pig but it was a pig size bed. She slowly opened the third and final one and it was a … PIG, two of them. She shrieked in joy. She spent all day playing with them. The next day she went to Petco, ang other things to do with a pig. By then it was night time. She snuggled in her bed with her two pigs and lived happily ever after.