My First Time At Knott’s Berry Farm

“OH My Gosh We Are Going To Knott’s Bery Farm!”

Me and my family woke up early in the morning to go to Knott’s. Once we got there we had decided to come back because we saw a line, that went from inside the office to get the pass and stopped down the hall. The next day we came and were one of the first ones in line.

So once we got our passes we decided we wanted to go to camp snoopy. After a little bit I felt too old for camp snoopy. So we left camp snoopy and went on the jaguar ¬†my brother didn’t like it but I thought it was fun.

We also went in mining carts they actually kinda spooked you out. We also saw glass blowing. After we had some pizza for lunch me and my brother got on the bumper cars. The line actually moved faster then I thought it would.

The last ride I went on was a dragon ride with my dad. My brother convinced my mother to go on the tea cup ride. By that time we left because it was crowded and my dad was not feeling great.

The Ice Skate Dream

Once there was a bear named Sky. She ¬†wanted to be on an ice skating team.She always practiced her unique routine,but no matter how graceful her routine looked her parents never had the chance to sign her up. So one day she tried to persuade them to sign her up,but she still wasn’t able to persuade them.

After her parents said “Honey! We are just so busy with work and school, we just can’t do it.She started crying hysterically,finally she had enough non-sense.

She finally screamed “HEY! Why can’t you just be a littleunderstanding and at least trying sign me up.

One Year Later

One day a couple weeks afterher birthday her parents came up to her and said “hey!” “We don’t know if you know this or not, but your mother and I have been talking and we think you’re now old enough to be on an Ice Skating Team and compete in competitions.

Oh!”Mama Papa, Thank you!” “Oh!, Thank you”



Why POLLUTION should be stopped!!

Water pollution happens when chemicals or trash are introduced to the ocean.Here are some examples.Only %64 of lakes, %30 bay, and %44 streams are dirty. I think if you are animal lover you should help stop pollution, because animals who live in the water also need to be loved and cared for.