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There was once a girl named Maddie who lived in a weird world. Everyone had one food they could eat. Maddie’s was bread and her sister Ella had cheese. So all Maddie ate was bread and all Ella ate was cheese. The rest of the world had the rest of the food.

Next, Maddie was bored of just eating one food so she decided to do something about it. Then, she went to her sister and told her idea to Ella. The next day, Maddie and Ella combined their foods and SHAZAM!!!! Maddie could eat cheese AND bread and so could Ella.

Last, everyone started to combine their foods with eachother and thats how the world could eat whatever they wanted. All because of Maddie’s food idea.

New Year’s Eve

Everyone has fun on New Year’s Eve right? I know my family had a good time. First, we watched the movie Mall Cop. It was hilarious and entertaining. “Aha,” I said. ” I knew he was the bad guy.” After the movie finished all of us headed over to my cousins house in our pajamas. My cousins were having a party.

Next, once we got to their house all of the kids went outside to play with our cousin’s dog Max. We would start running and Max would chase us. Finally, everyone crowded in the house to watch the ball drop. In New York on New Year’s Eve a huge crowd will form to watch the ball drop declaring the New Year in Time Square.

Lastly, everyone got poppers and horns to play with as a celebration. After that, we set up a game called kick the can. I went to hide at the side of the house hoping the person that was it wouldn’t find me. It was a good hiding spot until my little sister came rushing in making crunching noises. “Shhh you will give us away” I said. Eventually, I was found along with my sister but it was still fun. So that was my New Year’s Eve. Hopefully you had a good time too.

The Pumpkin Man Curse

One day on Halloween a evil curse spread through the town of HallowsVile. Nobody knew what was going to happen so they just did what normal people did on Halloween and decorated their houses. While everyone had perfect,new,and beautiful pumpkins there was one jack-o-lantern all alone in the middle of the town. The townspeople  did not touch it but wondered how it got there and who it belonged to. Finally, it became dark enough to start trick-or-treating and the untouched pumpkin looked scary.

Next, the pumpkin began to move and wiggle and soon enough it sprouted out arms and legs! It got up and walked into the shadows destroying all the decorations on families houses. It jumped from its hiding places and scare children. By one house, there was two children watching him doing all of this and their names were Sadie and Nick. “What is that thing and what is it doing to everyone,”asked Nick watching in horror. ” I don’t know but we should do something about it,” said Sadie. So the children followed the pumpkin man.

Last, Nick and Sadie ran through all of the townspeople who were trick-or-treating but now running away to their homes to get away from the pumpkin man. “I think he went this way,” said Nick. They turned around the corner and saw the pumpkin man crushing things on other people’s houses. The two kids hid behind a bush. “The plan is you distract the pumpkin dude and I go behind him and tie him up with this,” said Sadie as she held up a rope. Nick agreed to the plan and got up. “HEY PUMPKIN MAN,” shouted Nick and he threw a rock at him. Nick missed but he got the pumpkin man’s attention. It started to run towards him. Nick ran away yelling while Sadie came up behind the pumpkin man and tied the rope around his neck and pulled him down. He squirmed and shook but couldn’t get up.

In the end, Sadie and Nick were rewarded for saving the town. They walked through cheering people and smiled. The only reason they were smiling was because the Halloween monster was gone. After that day, the kids went to where the pumpkin man was. Now, he was just a pumpkin again. So Sadie and Nick smashed the pumpkin just in case. They finally felt safe.

The Tiger Story

Once there was a small tiger named Tigger. He was only three weeks old and already wanted to be as big and as strong as his father.  So Tigger would follow his father around and do what he did. “Wow,” he said when his father roared.  Tigger loved his family.

Next, Tigger went into the forest for a nice walk alone. He did this for a long time and got lost. “Oh no I don’t know if I can get back to home,” said Tigger. Tigger started to get worried. Would he ever get back? Back at home his parents were worried about him too. Es pecially his dad who would search for him everyday.

Tigger hated being alone and scared. He worked hard to stay away  from mean animals and not getting hurt. A very long time had past and surprisingly Tigger the tiny tiger had turned into a very big and powerful animal. All the animals who tried to hurt Tigger now didn’t want to do anything to him because they were scared. Tigger also had the loudest roar you would ever hear.

Last, Tigger heard a noise and ran to it. All the sudden he saw a group of tigers talking to each other. He asked them,”have you seen some other tigers around here?” They said yes and led him to a place where many tigers were living. Then he saw two tigers standing next to each other. It was Tigger’s mom and dad. In the end, everyone recognized who he was and welcomed him home. They were surprised he was back and so big. Tigger ended up being the leader of the tigers and lived happily for the rest of his life.

What Can We Do About Hunger?

How can you help people who are hungry? Well, there are many different things that you can do. You can donate food in a event at your school. Also, you may have heard about can drives too. Even the game free rice online would help. To get to free rice just go on your computer or any other technology device and type in free rice to play the game. It donates rice to the poor. So hopefully I have encouraged you to help people who need food.