My Bestest Friend, Lai Lai

Lai Lai is an awesome girl.  Her are some things about her. She loves entertaining people, sports, She loves soft ball. She loves animals her favorite animals are, Dogs, Horses, Turtle, And Owls. Her favorite color is Blue like me. One of her favorite food is mashed potatoes. Her favorite friend is Jenny, Anna, and me. Her favorite song is Piece by piece.  She is always by my side if I need her. she always makes my day more cheerful and fun. She takes her work really seriously and also has fun. She lives where I live so we are always outside playing sometimes we go out and get Starbucks or go out and eat. And sometimes we have sleepovers and we always have soda or Starbucks with hot Cheetos or regular chips and candy like sour candy like warheads.  And sweet candy like starburst. We watch a movie before we go to sleep.  She is amazing and she is a wonderful girl to be around she is the BEST FRIEND EVER and I don’t know what I would do without her. Also,     Her favorite song is LIKE THAT also mine too! She listens to all kinds of music tough anyway me and her like to play in this area in my apartment complex and also in her other friends place because she has a park and I love the tire swing and when lai lai pushes me. Once she was on the tire swing and her legs where out and hit my brother right in the face and also once she was pushing me and she was running and she fell it was so funny. Maybe Jenny might come over Thursday yay! Me and her have a special place we go it is right outside of my apartment  complex and it’s a rock. Lol. Her favorite movie is the jungle book yes the jungle book don’t make fun of her and when she’s older she wants to move to New York. She doesn’t know yet though  also her favorite history person is ANNE FRANK really she has done so many projects on her and respect she is like an expert on her her favorite time at school is recedes and lunch because she hang out with me and Jenny and Anna. But sometimes Jenny and Anna can make her sad ( most of the time ) so I am there to save the day yay! She is the best!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day where love is spread and it’s a day of presents. Valentin’s day is a great day to hang out with your friends and exchanging presents. Valentine’s Day is a very special day for people because they might be with their love ones or once again with there friends. I know it might be a little late or early but anyway HAPPY VALENTINES DAY- from Amy

About Maddie (my friend)

Maddie is a sweet young girl. She loves social studies and science. She’s sorta like her little sister Ella. They both are funny,crazy,energetic, and does her “PERSONAL BEST”. Maddie takes her work seriously. But at the same time she likes to have fun and loves,soccer, and karate. Maddie is a fun spirit that everybody wants to be around. She has a bright smile that she brings to school everyday. Maddie is also respectful,nice,kind, and funny. If Maddie sees someone down she would go over and cheer them up. Maddie is sometimes a risk taker. One thing I know about Maddie is that if your sad she will always be there for you. I’m lucky to have Maddie as a friend.

New Year’s Eve

Do you know how I celebrate New Year’s Eve?? Well I’m going to tell you. On New Years me and my mom make dinner. This year we made Tamales and Posole. “Yum” it was good. I got to help her make them so we both go to have a little fun.

On New Year’s Eve my mom and I had a party. All of my moms friends got to come and some of my friends. The first half of the party was at the park and we had a jumper for kids. The kids had an awesome time. The grown ups just talked and the kids got to eat and we had some games like Musical chairs,scavenger hunt and other games.

It was 5:30 so we decided to pick up and go back home with all our friends so we can count it down. So once we where done picking up it was 8:30 because we made sure to throw everything away. So we went home and the kids got to play until 11:30 if they can make it. A few hours past and and it was 10:59 I was so proud that my little brother Abel made it this far. A few more hours past it was 11:50 all the grown ups and kids got together it was 10 minutes till midnight. A few more minutes past and it was 11:59 it was 1 minute till midnight. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… Happy New Years from me to you.

How I celebrate Halloween.

Photo Credit: KittenSloan via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: KittenSloan via Compfight cc

I celebrate Halloween by getting costumes and going trick-or-treating. My little brother is going to be Hulk this year, and I’m going to be Batgirl. I picked Batgirl because I thought my little brother was going to be batman because while we where in the car he was screaming ” BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN”.

So that’s what made me think. So when we where in the store we split up. My mom came with me to pick my costume and my older brother went with my little brother. While my mom and I where walking I was thinking” it would be a good idea for me to be Batgirl and my little brother batman since we are brother and sister”. so we got them and we left i did not notice he got hulk until we got home.

We go trick-or-treating- at night because it’s much funner to see kids with their costumes. We go all over the neighborhood sometimes we even go farther.We go all over the place and try not to skip a house so we can get a lot of candy. After that we get a lot of candy we go home. When we get home we put all of our candy on the carpet to see if the candy is opened or squished, because you never know if someone poisoned it or put something bad for you and you can get really sick. Well that’s how I celebrate Halloween.


Photo Credit: LALO VAZQUEZ via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: LALO VAZQUEZ via Compfight cc

There once lived a girl named Maddie she and her sister destiny loved to go to the beach. They once went to the beach and there was a lot of people. They couldn’t find a spot. There mom Lilo said”go all the way over there will your dad and me go this way okay?”. Both girls said “okay”. The girls couldn’t find a spot. Then they where looking were they where and they where lost they couldn’t find there way back. Then all of a sudden they heared a scream “Maddie Destiny” there mom cried out. “I’m so glad to find you for a second I thought you where lost, we found a spot come on”. So they found a spot and go to swim.

Government issues

I think it’s no fair that the government takes money from the rich that work hard for that money. It’s not fair that he takes money from the rich to the poor. As people say “Help Others Who Can Help Themselves”. If people can’t help themselves, why does the governor give money to the poor. The govonor should not take money from the rich who work hard for it and give it to the poor who don’t work for it as hard as the rich . And that’s not fair. The government has a lot of money why doesn’t the government give some to the poor to stop hunger. This issue inspires me because it helps me Raise My Voice to stop that problem. When I grow up I’m going to change that rule when I’m older and when I try I’m going to Raise My Voice.