Vegas Mayham


South Points appears in Zach’s eyes. The sight of Las Vegas was covered in neon. With every light sparkleling, Zach drove to Silverton and ate dinner at a mexican food resturant. Nevada was just dying to see Zack explore Las Vegas!


Zach went to the Casino and asked the attendent for his ard to play some casino games, but the attendent said he didn’t know a soul who had a casino card named Zach.

“Drats!” Said Zach.

He soon went to Mandalay Bay, and he still didn’t get his card.

“Drats!” Said Zach

Then he went to Delano, and soon found himself going physco about one little discount card. He soon, bought 300 plays for the Teen Titans Machne that you can win a max of 50 cents for a jackpot. But he never won that machine, so he went to “Loser Slots” and you could win 10 cents max. He wasted 500 hundred dollars on that machine, and he never won a single cent. He started banging the machine, and everyone inside Delano gasped. They kicked Zach out, but that didn’t work. Soon, he started going to New York New York’s SSlot and losing, and went to Excalibur losing the 5 cent grand prizes slots. He started throwing machines out of the hotel and forcing the machine to spit out millions of dollars in cash. Soon, everyone in Las Vegas ran into the The Cosmopolition because that was Zach’s least favorite hotel. But it just didn’t work.

“We got to do something!” Said the mayor of Las Vegas.

“You can’t run away from me, fools!” Said Zach, who wanted revenge on the mayor for poor shipment.

Soon, every hotel got wreckng balled by Zach, who recked everything in his path. Soon, every car in Las Vegas, and every plane went away to their home country. Zach was alone, in Las Vegas with nobody by his side, and everyone was enjoying the drive back home. Zach thought about how bad everyone felt for Las Vegas, and soon got arrested for destroying a huge, rich, city like place. The police took him to jail, and that was exactly what happened that day.

“Honey, your boiled chili is ready!” Said his mom.

“Another boring criminal day…” Said Zach.

“I know, but you said you would work here.”

“Oh yeah, because I have to pay for damage, aw man!”

The End?

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