The Airship Fortress Part 2: Bowser Jr. Koopa Attack!

The end of the cheep cheep ride, the cheep cheep left, leaving me at the castle. Remember me from part 1? My nickname a Toad called me is Weiner, because I was scared of the ride. I am mad, but I need to defeat Bowser so the world is returned to normal. I see a castle, before Bowsers appearantly. It has a bunch of goombas in it, which I use fire flowers to own the goombas in there faces. They get so afraid that I don’t waste a fire flower burning them and making them join the crew. I have an entire goomba army now! But, I just don’t know what this castle has anymore.

With this castle creeping me out, I go a little closer to a big noise. It’s the sound of koopa karts crashing into each other. I get a little scared, but then I realize that my goombas are gone. This makes my defence very little, so I scream to see if they are close to me. No answer. I scream again.

“GOOMBAS, WHERE ARE YOU? I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW! DON’T LET ME… DON’T LET ME… DON’T LET ME DOWN!” I stammer so much I can’t say the sentence right 2 times. I can’t say the phrase anymore!

With the goombas out of sight, I walk towards the clanging and the banging. I feel stupi to walk into disaster, because I was stupid enough to go here. Before I got the goombas back, hundreds of koopas and goombas were fighting, and I didn’t know what to do. But then, a little koopa, smaller then Bowser, was riding in a kart, and I knw who it was. His laugh was different, and he was way smaller then Bowser. Bowser Junior.

He was the owner of this goomba castle? But, he started throwing koopas at me, but I knew what his weakness was, so I stomped on the koopas (which turned into turtle shells), and threw them back at Bowser Junior. He got hit, and flew into the sky, and landed butt first on the hard floor. I put a pillow underneath him to prevent pain. Bowser Jr. thanked me, and said he wanted to destroy his own father for making this floor. I said ok, and now, WE WILL DESTROY BOWSER!

Now since our army is even better, we can make this happen, and we will destroy bowser no matter how hard it might be, we will fight till the end!

We see a weird shaped looking castle having a bowser face on it, it wasn’t a ship though. It was Bowser’s castle! We needed to be prepared, and someone was guaring the door, with a witch look, and a broom stick, it was Magikoopa, the horrible witch!

To be contuined…

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