Photo Credit: #phdetuda via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: #phdetuda via Compfight cc



Photo Credit: vestidetalno via Compfight cc

There was once a girl named Maddie who lived in a weird world. Everyone had one food they could eat. Maddie’s was bread and her sister Ella had cheese. So all Maddie ate was bread and all Ella ate was cheese. The rest of the world had the rest of the food.

Next, Maddie was bored of just eating one food so she decided to do something about it. Then, she went to her sister and told her idea to Ella. The next day, Maddie and Ella combined their foods and SHAZAM!!!! Maddie could eat cheese AND bread and so could Ella.

Last, everyone started to combine their foods with eachother and thats how the world could eat whatever they wanted. All because of Maddie’s food idea.

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