Evil (Every Villian is Lemons) Episode 1: Sir Poker



Hello my name is Tyler. I am in the school of Middle School, and I’m 12. I live with my mom in Piqua, Ohio, and if you live somewhere else TO BAD, YOU’LL NEVER SEE ME. I am just sitting on a bench, when a random person pops out at my face. His name is Sir Poker, with a golden nametag saying EVIL CORPERATION! I know what that means, Every Villian is Lemons.

I look at him with a stare, and make him frightened. Though, he was muscular like a wrestler John Cena. He was big and tall, and he looked like he was never gonna go down. But I was prepared for any enemies coming my way, so I just had a army that had trained for a month. We bowed, then went to our castles ready to fight.

“ATTACK!” I yelled.

The war started really quickly. Like, it started before a pistol shot fire, and everyone was getting clobbered by Sir Poker. But, we defended his enemies also, so far, it wasn’t that great, but no one was losing there castle to us. We were fighting on 2 castles, and our monsters, jousters, horsemen, shooters, fighters, and plenty of other kinds of combat with our enemies were getting killed, and respawned back into the castle to come back again. Just like a video game, we were scoring points for each enemy we killed. But then, Sir Poker summoned “EVILP” who was strong, so I had to pitch in and land cannons to fire at him, it took work, but finally he fell down with a thud. I summoned Thwomps, and they crushed some enemies coming our way. I sent some Weegees (Like Luigi, but weirder) and they got to the castle, and started destroying the control room. Then I sent the Master Hand. (From Super Smash Bros 4) and he started to spawn some Sonics, and they ran faster then the speed of light to the castle, and the castle got destroyed, but before he gave up, he sent two more bosses, Professor Snape with Bowser beside him.

I had to react by spawning SpongeBob, with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and even Plankton. I also sent Robin, (Teen Titans Series) along with the rest of the crew. Then, the war ended with a BIG BANG! And, when I could see again, everyone on my team, were alive, Bowser and Snape, were gone. They were back in the castle, respawned. I had won!

“Great Game, your good, but beware of Dirty Bubble! He’ll get you for sure!” Said Sir Poker, and he vanished into the air. A random crowd was here, and they cheered for me, for I had beat, the 1st challenger, but who was next? What if he beat me? That was the next thing to figure out, for I am the protecter, of PIQUA!


Referances: Mario, SpongeBob, Teen Titans Go!, Sonic the Hedgehog, A new name for I guess Batman, Captain Underpants (city), Harry Potter, and Mermaid Man and Barnicale Boy adventures in SpongeBob! Thank you for reading! See you in episode 2!

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  1. Hi Spencer,

    It’s me Scott who commented on Voldemort’s Pumpkin Slave.

    I love the detail in the story. I also like that you put referances in the story.

    Click the link below if you want to add Harry Potter Spells in the next episode.


    If you want to visit my blog click the link below.


    Cheers Scott.

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