The Airship Fortress Part 1 A CHEEP CHEEP!???



Hello, my name is Spencer and I live in a Toad Village in Paper Mario Sticker Star Land (Picture above is from Paper Mario Sticker Star). Right now I am setting up a boat to travel to the Airship to defeat Bowser. But I need the last part, but where was the last part? I need a motor for the boat, which came with the steering wheel. I saw a Toad walking toward a basement so I followed.

He lead me into a dark room, I couldn’t see anything, but I had a lightbulb, so I connected it with a light that was really faded. The light turned on, and I saw the motor with the steering wheel on 3 boxes! I was saved, but before I grabbed it the Toad asked a question:

“Are You Spencer?”


“Your free to take that if you want to, and thanks so much for making this light bigger in here.

So, I ran back to the boat to put on the motor and the steering wheel to go on my adventure. But, all of a sudden, a big giant group of Toads ran towards me, and soon, I saw a giant Cheep Cheep crash into building, and throwing Toads at me. All of the Toads huddled behind me with there scared faces. Some girls, some boys, but I had to find a way to destroy this cheep cheep.

I ran to the ship, and found this hurl hammer I never saw before. I decided to give it a try. So, I hit the cheep cheep, but it didn’t go away, it just threw more Toads at me. Soon, there were more then 10,000 toads behind me huddling. I had no choice, so I got a giant narwhal, and whacked him (I didn’t use the spike), and he started to cry. I gave him a nice chocolate cake, and he started to cry tears of joy. I decided to let a Toad go on his back, and  Alleluia! The Toad was riding him for hours, until it was all of us’s turns to go on. So, with all my Toad friends, we rode the Cheep Cheep to Bowser’s castle to show who’s boss!

To be Continued…


Spencer (ToadOnStrike1 x)

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