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Hey sorry guys I haven’t been posting for a while or any of my class but I hope you enjoy this story I’ve been working on.

Chapter 1 

Once there was a foot ball team called the Wisconsin eagles and on that team there was one player that was so amazing all the other teams were jealous and that’s players name was………. Carlos and even though the teams were jealous they still liked him except the coach of the Boston beavers. He HATED them so one day that changed but for now I’m gonna tell the story.

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My Bestest Friend, Lai Lai

Lai Lai is an awesome girl.  Her are some things about her. She loves entertaining people, sports, She loves soft ball. She loves animals her favorite animals are, Dogs, Horses, Turtle, And Owls. Her favorite color is Blue like me. One of her favorite food is mashed potatoes. Her favorite friend is Jenny, Anna, and me. Her favorite song is Piece by piece.  She is always by my side if I need her. she always makes my day more cheerful and fun. She takes her work really seriously and also has fun. She lives where I live so we are always outside playing sometimes we go out and get Starbucks or go out and eat. And sometimes we have sleepovers and we always have soda or Starbucks with hot Cheetos or regular chips and candy like sour candy like warheads.  And sweet candy like starburst. We watch a movie before we go to sleep.  She is amazing and she is a wonderful girl to be around she is the BEST FRIEND EVER and I don’t know what I would do without her. Also,     Her favorite song is LIKE THAT also mine too! She listens to all kinds of music tough anyway me and her like to play in this area in my apartment complex and also in her other friends place because she has a park and I love the tire swing and when lai lai pushes me. Once she was on the tire swing and her legs where out and hit my brother right in the face and also once she was pushing me and she was running and she fell it was so funny. Maybe Jenny might come over Thursday yay! Me and her have a special place we go it is right outside of my apartment  complex and it’s a rock. Lol. Her favorite movie is the jungle book yes the jungle book don’t make fun of her and when she’s older she wants to move to New York. She doesn’t know yet though  also her favorite history person is ANNE FRANK really she has done so many projects on her and respect she is like an expert on her her favorite time at school is recedes and lunch because she hang out with me and Jenny and Anna. But sometimes Jenny and Anna can make her sad ( most of the time ) so I am there to save the day yay! She is the best!

Me, Myself,and I

Photo Credit: Hase don via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Hase don via Compfight cc

This story will involve 3 to 4 things. Me,Myself, and I most importantly, my personality. There is this other book called “The Periodic Table” and it tells you the personality of each element. But my  personality was nowhere to be seen. Witch is not a bad thing. You are all proboly wondering what my personality is so I will tell you in three worgs. Hilarious,enthusiastic, and confodent. There is wat more but those were the the top three ones. Once you really get to know me you will discover more. I love QUOTES,PIGS,and the color PURPLE. My Favorite quote is “Every morning you can fall back asleep and drean, or wake up and chase them.” One that i share with my friend is “If we get caught remember, you are deaf and I don’t speak English.” And my favorite pig is a Micro Pig. Lastly, I love purple because it could stand out in a croud of 1,000,000 people. And so can I. If you want to learn more about me, lets hope I learn moer about myself and write something to show you……. WHO I AM!!!

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The Disko/Rapping War


Once upon a time there was a guy named Losko, and he had some great moves on the disco field. This year, 2016, he wanted to participate in the annual Disco Dance-Off. This is where the top dancers come to dance in the disco tune, and then they get rated.

“Boy, it would be nice to win this fight.” Said Losko, his name was Losko because of losing to Disco Kid in the disco tournament. He placed 2nd, but Disco Kid won first. So, he praticed for almost a month before moving on to the tournament. The placed was packed of cheering crowds on chairs. Losko got scared because of the huge crowd he saw! He feared that he could screw up, and then lose. Then, a announcer came up, with a happy smile.

“Good evening, crowd.” He said at first. “These 4 disco people will b competing for the World Series disco trophy, since these guys made the top 4 last year. Please first welcome, 4th place last year, KOLO POLO THE 45TH!” He was fat, but he kept tripping when he was dancing. The crowd booed, and said to take him offstage! The announcer talked with the DJ, DJ Deshawn (DJ DJ) and He changed the music to Stressed Out. Finally, he was done, the judges said 0,0,1. “Why did you vote 1, PK (Pon Koen)?” Said one of the judges.  “Because I’m to nice…” She said, cursing herself.

“Up next, George Wortington Mortinngton Sniper the 12th!” Said the judge, this dancer was a zombie! Of course, it meant he sucked, right? He was dancing like a boss though. He knew every move, and he somehow made zombie history. 6,9,10. “Again?” Said one of the judges, hitting himself on the head.

“And now, the moment you all been waiting for, DISCO VS LOSKO RAP BATTLES!” Said the announcer. “Up first, Disco Kid!”

But he didn’t say a word. “FINE, LOSKO!” Losko knew what to do.

“Hey, Disco Kid, it’s a rapping war, dance all you want all over the floor, but I’ll win anyways.”

LOSKO WINS BY A MILE!” Said the announcer, caring with happy tears, while disco kid was still dancing.

“But I was dancing!” Said Disco Kid, frowning. “Was a rap battle DISKO KID HAH!” Said a audience member. And that was the legend of rap battles.


p.s “Great Fighting! You Won by Rapping Smooth! Your time, 10 Seconds!

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a new disco champion!”

Punch out reference