Minecraft Hunger Games Part 2

But it was already looted by someone. My hunger bars were going down, I had to find something to eat there were some pigs nearby but I could see a trap next to them. And I had a idea,if I could lure the pigs with a carrot all the way to the trap then “wala” there I have porkchops to eat. But the thing is,I don’t have a carrot. Well I really know were to get one, although maybe I could get one from one the players, but I didn’t really have much time. So I had to think of a quick strategy, so I looked at my surroundings…lets see..player nearby plus flat-walled mountain, and a worn down but still working diamond shovel on the grassy ground. I got an idea, so if the player is by that flat walled mountain well I quickly get a head start on running but then while running I’ll grab the diamond shovel and Jump onto the flat mountain wall quickly jump off, and SMACK! Right in the face I hit him. You know, this plan might work so I’m gonna cross my fingers that this works so here I go just hoping to not get killed.




Hope you’ve enjoyed part 2        P.S if I get 5 likes for this story I’ll make part 3 🙂



The Duck

One day I went to the duck park with my step-dad Ryan and my sister Brooklyn. The first thing that we did was feed the ducks and we feed the ducks with nine grain bread and all of the ducks were coming to me and I did not like it. My step-dad said that we were going to walk around the pond and I said okay thats fine so we did. When we go half around the pond we stoped because there was a female duck laing an egg. My sister went up to it and the male duck next to the female duck. The male duck tried to bite her but we noticed it in time to stop it. We all stop and said that was close. We all went ot the playground after all the nonsense.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day where love is spread and it’s a day of presents. Valentin’s day is a great day to hang out with your friends and exchanging presents. Valentine’s Day is a very special day for people because they might be with their love ones or once again with there friends. I know it might be a little late or early but anyway HAPPY VALENTINES DAY- from Amy

About Maddie (my friend)

Maddie is a sweet young girl. She loves social studies and science. She’s sorta like her little sister Ella. They both are funny,crazy,energetic, and does her “PERSONAL BEST”. Maddie takes her work seriously. But at the same time she likes to have fun and loves,soccer, and karate. Maddie is a fun spirit that everybody wants to be around. She has a bright smile that she brings to school everyday. Maddie is also respectful,nice,kind, and funny. If Maddie sees someone down she would go over and cheer them up. Maddie is sometimes a risk taker. One thing I know about Maddie is that if your sad she will always be there for you. I’m lucky to have Maddie as a friend.

The Almost Broken Arm

On Monday, MLK day I was playing outside with all of the kids. I on my uncles scooter and all of the kids were on rollerblades but a seven year old was on his bike. His was going up hill and I was going down hill. We were going to crash into each other but I turned right and he went the same way as me and he fell on my scooter and then he cried. I only got a little bit hurt because went my scooter fell I went fling and almost broke my arm again.

Sequoia National Park

HELLO! Is anyone in here? Then my uncle came out with bags in his hands . What I did for winter break was go to Sequoia National Park with my uncle, aunt , cousins , my grandma , Patrick and his son  , Henry and his family , Jazmine and her family,and me. It took 4 hours to get there once we were there we went to a hotel and slept. The next day we were going to the snow and we needed chains for the mountains so we went up and up and up and up then Patrick got stuck in the snow  and in my head I was like “REALLY! ” so we need to stop and help him get out of the snow . Then we were there on top of the mountain to be honest it didn’t look like I was on top of the mountain and we played in the snow but by lunch time me and my cousins were cold and it started snowing so we went back to the hotel. The next day was better and the second to last day we were there so we went back up and this time we didn’t play befor we were at the snow area and we got there until 4:00pm and then we left. Sadly our last day here has come and it was pretty good but just listen we woke up early today to go to the snow early so we can leave and we went up AGAIN and this time it was some thing new the last hour at the snow Henry’s sister got really hurt on the snow dounut and we left and we left to the hotel to pack our stuff and we left to L.A.

New Year’s Eve

Do you know how I celebrate New Year’s Eve?? Well I’m going to tell you. On New Years me and my mom make dinner. This year we made Tamales and Posole. “Yum” it was good. I got to help her make them so we both go to have a little fun.

On New Year’s Eve my mom and I had a party. All of my moms friends got to come and some of my friends. The first half of the party was at the park and we had a jumper for kids. The kids had an awesome time. The grown ups just talked and the kids got to eat and we had some games like Musical chairs,scavenger hunt and other games.

It was 5:30 so we decided to pick up and go back home with all our friends so we can count it down. So once we where done picking up it was 8:30 because we made sure to throw everything away. So we went home and the kids got to play until 11:30 if they can make it. A few hours past and and it was 10:59 I was so proud that my little brother Abel made it this far. A few more hours past it was 11:50 all the grown ups and kids got together it was 10 minutes till midnight. A few more minutes past and it was 11:59 it was 1 minute till midnight. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… Happy New Years from me to you.

Starting up my new console

Just barley when I got the newest halo 5 Xbox one I ran up stairs went to my room. I asked my dad to help hook up the cords to my xbox one, and plus it also came with a special edition Xbox one controller too with a advanced headset. After a one hour update, it was done finally! so I inserted my disc of halo 5 and all that was to do was to have fun.!

Penny boarding in my driveway

For Christmas I got a brand new penny board! I was so excited that I had gotten a new penny board! so of course I asked my my dad to move the cars in the driveway so I could ride it. The reason I liked this thing so much is because it’s PINK with PURPLE wheels and is super easy to ride. at first when I got it I rode it standing up but that was BORING so I got in sitting position and moved myself with my hands and to turn a I leaned to one side then the other shifting my wait back and forth. This was MUCH funer and I did not have to focus on balance! And when I went in the back yard to to it it was even FUNER

cause we had a brick path that was so bumby by it was almost as if it was a roller coaster!! And Annie (my dog ) is always tugging me off! It’s really annoying. Anyway all I’m saying is that my penny board is AWESOME!! So I thank my mom and dad for the great idea of buying me a penny board!!!

The Good Dinosaur

The setting took place in the dinosaur age.The dinosaurs name was arlo he was a stegosaurus.There was a creature arlo gave him the name spot.Spot was like a wild animal.In one point of the movie spot was being hunted down.There was a hurricane.After the damage was done there were dinosaurs that helped try to save smaller animals.Turns out they were bad arlo they all heard a small animal.The other dinosaur told arlo to break the tree with his tail.They freed the creature and the dinosaur ate the small animal the dinosaur told arlo,”The storm provides.”The dinosaur said to arlo,”You have a critter of your own and he smells juice.”The dinosaur aproched the tree spot was at spot jumped out of the tree.Arlo grabbed spot and ran there were two dinosaurs trex and they scared of the other dinosaurs trying to kill spot.