Christmas at my house and a day of fun!

The Second I wake up you feel it’s Christmas at my house jolly spirit in the air.  I get out of bed you run to the Christmas tree “Presents!”  I Open The Presents I get new toys and loving Christmas card from My loving Family. Now the time for fun is begin. I start my Christmas off by playing a game called team fortress 2 ‘tf2’. Tf2 is a customization frist person shooter with nine different customization class. after 10 rounds I stop playing

All of the nine class in team fortress 2








One thought on “Christmas at my house and a day of fun!

  1. Hi Adan,

    I’m Scott, I’m 11 and from Australia.

    I like how you did a post about christmas. I like the graphics for Team Fortress 2 from you picture.

    Why don’t you buy the game Overwatch that is like Team Fortress 2.

    Click the link below to visit my blog.

    From Scott.

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