Winter break

Would you like to know what I did for the winter break this year? Well! Your in luck! The first thing that I did was I went to Temecula for a week to see my grandma and my uncle. On christmas eve I went to my grate-grandparents house and opened up the presents and I got close and minecraft legos and the rest oft the days I went to daycare.

Christmas at my house and a day of fun!

The Second I wake up you feel it’s Christmas at my house jolly spirit in the air.  I get out of bed you run to the Christmas tree “Presents!”  I Open The Presents I get new toys and loving Christmas card from My loving Family. Now the time for fun is begin. I start my Christmas off by playing a game called team fortress 2 ‘tf2’. Tf2 is a customization frist person shooter with nine different customization class. after 10 rounds I stop playing

All of the nine class in team fortress 2








Palm Springs huge water slide

Have you ever been on a huge water slide in Palms Springs? Well, I  have. It wasn’t that hot but we still wanted to go. We thought that we would be able to walk, but it was pretty far away and we felt kind of lazy, so we took the car. When we got there we couldn’t see anything other than the pool. So we thought that there wasn’t a water slide, even though there is supposed to be. About 5 to 6 seconds later we saw a humongous water slide. We grabbed a mat and ran up there as fast as we could. As we cept going and doing way different things everyone left. Which wasn’t a bad thing becase we had the slide all to ourselves. I had a goal it was to stand up in the last part of the slide. While I was running with my sister dragging her mat in front of me she dropped it and I fell bruising my knee and my hip.and it is still bruised to this day. I was sitting out for a little bit and then I decided to go one last time before it closed and this time my dad went on too. He only went on twice then he wanted to play volleyball in the pool.  “Hey” Have you ever played volleyball in the pool? I have.

My Christmas present

It was Christmas morning, my brother and I where playing games. At nine o’clock my dad called me and he said to get ready to go to his house for Christmas Day. So at night we would go back to our house for Christmas at night. So we got ready to go to his house, he picked us up then we went to his house. The whole house was filled with presents. There were lots of presents like a mini piano and stick bots. My brother and I played FIFA 2016 on Xbox one. An hour later we went to my dad’s boss’ house and we got a huge remote control monster truck. It can go 35 miles per hour off roading! It’s from Hobby Lobby. We took it to the high school and jumped off railings and then the battery died.

Pasadena Rose Parade

Pasadena Rose Parade

There nothing wrong with going to the rose parade all your doing freezing and your tired. It took us an hour to get out there and once we got there we just hung out. It was almost New Years and we were looking at the flouts the night before. After it was 12:00 o’clock we went back to the apartment that was on Colorado Boulevard. We went to bed then the next morning we woke up and saw all the flouts it was pretty cool. My favorite one was the Disney one because it had lots of stuff I liked. If you saw the Rose Parade please comment back on what your favorite flout was.

My Christmas party and New Years and my presents

At Christmas my cousins and my uncles and nephew  came over and we made tacos,fruit punch and a cake.All my cousins,my brother and me were in my room playing Xbox, in the iPads,computer and board games.After all are fun it was time to open presents and give a huge then i opened my present I got a pennyboard,soccer goalie gloves,Italy soccer shirt, clothes, craft jar and 160$. Then my cousins stayed to sleep they  left my house the next day at 2:30 all of them and we had a nice Christmas.

New Year’s party

At 9:00 we went to my aunts house when we got  there we went to my cousins room to see there birds they have 10 in each 2 cages  and we were caring then and playing around and with them then we went becuse we were all going to eat we ate tamales and meat.Then after that we watched a movie hotel transavina 2 then we ate popcorn after that movie we were still eating popcorn and watching a other movie called the escape from kids with out parents.Then at 12:00 we gave a huge and then we got a cup with Apple juice and 10 grapes for our wishes of the new year 2016.We sleeped there and we were 2 days  there we went home on Saturday at 3:36.

We Had The Best Hollidays Ever

Sledding in Northern California

Sledding in Northern California
Noooooo! I yelled as my brother pushed me down the hill! I hit the jump and got a lot of air! Anyway, I’ll get to that later in the story.

The trip up to Northern California took 13 hours of driving. Once we got there we were all excited to go sledding. So, we went looking for a good sledding hill. After about 10 minutes of looking for a hill we found a perfect one up on a mountain side. It was about 45 feet up with only a few trees in the way. It took a while to climb up the hill. When we got up it looked so steep that no one wanted to go down. Then my cousin Tate jumped down on his sled. While I was watching my brother Josh pushed my sister,Maddie, and myself down the hill. It actually was not as scary as it looked so after everyone came down we decided to make a jump at the bottom.

The jmp was about 1 and ½ feet high. We started the trek up the mountain side. When we got to the top my brother pushed me of first without any warning. I went head first down the hill. Noooooo! As josh pushed me down as I hit the jump I got so much air when I landed it knocked the wind out of me. I sucked in a long breath and stood up, unfortunately my other cousin Carly took me out because Tate had pushed Carly down too.”That was the best sledding hill we have ever found!” said Tate. We all agreed.

My First Time At Knott’s Berry Farm

“OH My Gosh We Are Going To Knott’s Bery Farm!”

Me and my family woke up early in the morning to go to Knott’s. Once we got there we had decided to come back because we saw a line, that went from inside the office to get the pass and stopped down the hall. The next day we came and were one of the first ones in line.

So once we got our passes we decided we wanted to go to camp snoopy. After a little bit I felt too old for camp snoopy. So we left camp snoopy and went on the jaguar  my brother didn’t like it but I thought it was fun.

We also went in mining carts they actually kinda spooked you out. We also saw glass blowing. After we had some pizza for lunch me and my brother got on the bumper cars. The line actually moved faster then I thought it would.

The last ride I went on was a dragon ride with my dad. My brother convinced my mother to go on the tea cup ride. By that time we left because it was crowded and my dad was not feeling great.

Amazing Gift

It was Christmas Day….. The clock had stroke midnight….. And it was time to do the gift exchange. I gave my present to my cousin Alondra. She liked my gift I gave her. I got her gift from Victoriouse Secerence. I gave her pink sweats, perfume, and makeup. I was about to go upstairs to open my Christmas gift my mom and dad had bought me, till…… I was about to get a gift from someone, my mom called me to go back downstairs. So I went downstairs to get my gift. My cousin Alexis gave me my gift. And when I opened it I was happy. I got this amazing Tyler Oakley book. I always wanted it. I turned back to my cousin Alexis, Alexis….. I thought your brother was my secret Santa? Nope he wasn’t. I was. I tricked you for I could know what you wanted for Christmas. Wow….. Well thank you so much for the gift. Your Welcome.




My Sleepy Christmas

Have you ever been so tried on a special holiday like Christmas well I have and here’s my story?

I got  to my grandmas house and waited till it was 12:00 cause it was Christmas Eve and  when the clock hit  12 it’s Christmas Day .Meanwhile we played heads up it was fun for about  an 1 hour or so then we ( cousin and sister aunt grandparents mom dad) started to dance to Mexican music the I put one of my favorite song and the my mom and dad sat down so did my uncle so it was still fun with out them . It was 8:00 it was time to open up my baby brothers  Nicholas’s presents he loved to open up his presents .15 minutes passed by we ended up play another board game it was 9:00 we all watch a movie (despicable me 2) .Another hour passed It was 10:00 my family was waiting for my (Tia Adys ) to get home so the adults could do secret Santa and white elephant but with gift cards .They took so long it felt like it was 11:00 I went in the kitchen to see what time it was it was 11:30 there was also tamales I said “yum I got four tamales with some orange juice . After the adults were finished it was our turn we took about half an hour because we were going in number order from youngest to older it was  about 1:30 IN THE MORING I felt like I was going to pass out thank god I did not be cause I fell asleep on the car ride home .

That was my sleepy Christmas .