Minecraft Hunger Games


Photo Credit: Alan736 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Alan736 via Compfight cc

My fifth time playing online hunger games.It was very exiting…also some players are experts at hunger games like BanjanCanadian and Captain Sparklez.The server was done loading everyone was in the game and the count down was going to start…let the games begin!.

I was running towards my chest I opened my chest I got a wooden sword someone ran up to me I stabbed him and slammed his head right on the ground dead then I started running out of the middle of the map.As I kept on running I saw a big city I walked towards it. I

I went inside a building.Well what do you know I found a chest I found ten cooked pork-chops,a bow and fifteen arrows.Some of the players were teamed in groups of two,three or more…but I saw some of them teamed.I had to think of how to pick them off one by one…that’s it! my bow and arrows if I could find a safe spot to pick them off.

There! right there in the bushes I quickly snuck into the bushes I got my bow ready aiming…aiming and shoot!.Bam! right in the face! I killed minigod nine fifty one.The other players teamed with that guy saw me…and that’s when I starte to run.They were chasing me from behind I had to find somewhere to ethier hide or maybe somehow I could outrun them…so I ran out of the city.

Then my only option left was too risky but I had to take that chance.I kept on taking precise shots to the head and body I killed another one of them to another and another.After there was one last one he had a iron sword,golden chesplate,and a iron helmet.I decided to take him on I only had a butter axe but it’s better than nothing.

But the bad thing is that I don’t have any Armor which is really bad but his moves are quick though, as I keep on dodging his strikes I run up to a small little hill, he throws his iron sword. I dodged his iron sword and it hit another player

.I throw my ender pearl,it hits him directly in the face I teleported and my foot hits his face,he falls to the ground.He was not dead he was just knocked out, but when was about to get up I stabbed my butter axe into his head.I looted him and took his armor and I was on my way.As I was walking I found another chest


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  1. Hi Joshua,

    I’m Scott, I’m 11 and I’m from Australia.

    I love the descriptive language that you’ve used in this story. I also play Minecraft but I play on Pocket Edition.

    I would love to hear from you on my blog. If you want to visit my blog click the link below.


    From Scott.

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