american football

There was this kid played football he trained hard and one day while he was running and he saw to girls spying on him so he went over asked on of the girls if she would want to go on a date with him so she said nothing then albert said how  about 7 so the girl said ok. They went on their date and after they went back to their houses and they both went to sleep. The next day he had high school football practice so he went and the next he had a call and he got recruited and a scholarship so he played football for Texas. He was a really good player he played good on defense and offence until he got injured he broke his leg and he was calling for help on the field laying down. The ambulance came and lifted him up and put him on the bed when he got to the hospital they had to check is leg and it was torn and then someone burst in the girlfriend she was so worried about him. The doctor said he wont be able to play for a month and albert was disappointed that he couldn’t play for a whole month. Albert still went to practice learned more and more by being so then he went to the NFL and played for Pittsburg Steelers.

 Photo Credit: furanda via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: furanda via Compfight cc


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