Week 4: Halloween Spirit

This week my students did an amazing job expressing themselves. Creativity soared while searching for images or even creating their own media. They wrote many Halloween themed pieces including poems, spooky stories, and non-fiction. Please enjoy:

The Spirit of the Pumpkin

 Photo Credit: Mona B. Photography via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Mona B. Photography via Compfight cc


Once ¬†upon a time, there was a kid named James. James was a good kid until one day his mom disappeared. James didn’t know what to do. He began to fill with hatred and anger. To take his anger out he began to bully other people. Forty years later James past¬†away with his evil heart. Still, today James haunts little kids and no one will ever forget about the, Spirit of James.


” What are you going to be for Halloween?” Joey’s friend Marc asked him. ” I don’t know yet.” Joey said back. ” What are you going to be.”I’m gonna be a knight, slaying all evil things.” Marc replied back super fast. ” Cool. I’m might just scare some people trick-or-treating. I’m the tricker. Does that make sense? ” Not really, but I know what you mean.” Marc said in a concerned voice.

The next day was Friday, the 30, the day before Halloween. ” Are you exited for Halloween?” Joey’s mom asked him. ” Super!” Joey yelled enthusiastically. ” Is it okay if Marc comes over before we start handing out candy to other kids?” asked Joey. ” Sure.” Joey’s mom answered back. ” Oh’ mom can I go to Marc’s house right now?” Joey asked the last second. ” Okay.” Joey’s mom said back. ” Thanks,bye.”

On Joey’s way to Marc’s house Joey got lost. He decided to go back home when something caught his eye. A pumpkin to be specific. A pumpkin with two triangles as eyes, another smaller triangle as the nose, and a creepy smile that went around the whole entire pumpkin. The pumpkin also had a sticky note in the back of the pumpkin. The note said, ” Take me, I’m free.” The note scared Joey, but he wasn’t going to just leave a carved pumpkin lying there with a note that says take me, I’m free. On the other hand the pumpkin was in good shape. Joey decided to take the pumpkin home, he has made a horrible mistake.

” Today is Halloween! I’m super exited.” Joey told his mom. ” So what are you going to be you haven’t told me yet?” ” I’m not going to be anything. I’m just going to scare some kids.” Joey said. ” Okay, be careful not to scare little kids though. Only older kids about your age.”Joey’s mom told him. ” Okay.” Joey said back. Joey went to his room to check on the pumpkin. When he got to his room the pumpkin was lit with a candle inside. He was thinking who has been in the room. Every day after Joey would blow out the candle, the candle kept on getting lit.

One day Joey found a note on his pumpkin saying. ” The Spirit of James. I’m coming for you.” Joey got scared and wanted to tell his mom, to see if she put the note there. When Joey finished looking around the house he realized that he was home alone. ” Where did mom go?” Joey said in his mind. She didn’t tell me she left.

Joey went back upstairs to on his laptop to search about the spirit of James. The website said.

Born: Friday, April 19 1822

Died:  Friday, August 13 1862

Cause of death: suicide, depression

James was once a sweet boy until his mom disappeared. James then got mixed emotions and started to hate everything that reminded him of his mom.

Joey felt bad for James and wanted to help him, but there was no way that was going to happen. Joey started to say some sort of prayer. ” James, James are you there!” Joey yelled throughout the whole house. Joey heard something flying around the whole house. ” It’s just a little wind.”Joey said scared and quietly.” Yeah, just a little wind.” All of the sudden the the candle in Joey’s pumpkin lit. ” Okay James I guess you are there.” Joey paused for a couple seconds and then said. ¬†” Let’s just be friends, I heard you don’t have much and-and-and I don’t either.” It started to rain outside, and a minute later it was a storm. ” Hey!” There was a strong force of wind coming from outside. ” Yeah you! Haven’t you ever thought about telling anybody your feelings? Maybe that’s why your struggling with your mom disappearing! You need to talk to someone to feel better. If you hide, then your gonna be frustrated everyday and turn into a monster that your not. Don’t you ever think that other people have feelings. It’s not all about you! Joey shouted so loud that James could hear him through the strong wind and storm. All of the sudden the strong wind stopped blowing and the storm stopped rumbling. Joey then said, ” I can help you find you mom.” The light in the pumpkin blew out. ” I take that as a yes.” Joey said in his mind. Joey went back on the website about the spirit of James and scrolled down a little and found.

James mom berried: Santa Ana Cemetery Ca America

” And your adventures begin.”

The Haunted Coin


Created by Kelsey
using pic collage

I am a ordinary girl just as you imagined… My names Amber my life WAS ordinary Intil tonight… Let’s start from the beginning.. I was walking home but then out from no where this girl ran up too me she had a pale face and said d-do y-you want thi-this she held out her hand laying on it was a coin it had no presidents head on it or anything just a silver coin I said sure… She quickly shoved it in my hand and ran away so fast I was surprised but yet confused why would she be scared ¬†of a silly little coin? I thought mistriviously but I just shoved it in my back pack and headed home humming the whole way finally I came to my house and unlocked the door and walked in but I never knew what would come to me that night….

The day went by well then I remembered the coin and wanted to examine it I went to my back pack for the coin but it was gone!¬†I was ¬†curious of to where it went but scared remembering how scared the girl was when she gave the coin too me I suddenly felt I was being watched I turned around and I was so scared a practically fell over!! Right there in the air was a chair it was floating!¬†I stared in disbelieve until it swooped forward tackling me then picking me up it lifted up high then at full speed it crashed through the window in the family room it had made its way to the back yard by crashing through the window then it lifted higher higher and higher until my house was blurry image then it turned upside down I almost fell but clutched onto the back of the chair where my back should have been leaning it started to shake but I held tight then it just sat as if waiting for my strength to run out and soon it did I had to let go my arms and hands where throbbing with pain and down down I fell waiting… Waiting for my body to hit the hard ground….

But it didn’t I felt something rubbery beneath me then I realized I was on a air balloon? Then it a cured to me I must have fallen on it I slowly climbed town from the the top of the huge balloon and looked around no sign of the chair…¬†great! ¬†I let the flame on the air balloon lower and it slowly drifted down straiht to my house good! It’s drifting toward my house! I cried but then I realized I was being shoved toward it…

I looked behind hind me and to my horror the chair was shoving me toward the house before it could shove one last shove I cried WHY!! Why do you want to harm me!!¬†I’m just a girl! The chair stopped as if it where staring in confusion of why I don’t know why I thought¬†I don’t know why! And if you’d just tell me I would try and fix it! It then moved up and down as if to say yes I will show it formed by not its original coin shape I held out my hands to catch it then a picture shown frame it… It was a picture of a girl holding the same coin I was but she was holding it in a bowl the next picture it was to show was was a picture of… Lava being poured ¬†into the bowl and steam rising slowly from it then being poured in water the water bubbled and steam rose from the pot so water and the lava then the posture faded and the coin sat there waiting for my response well coin I am sorry this happened to you but you have to understand that was a completely different I’m harmless so was that girl you almost scared to death go haunt someone else please because I would never have any intentions to do this…. The coin sat there a minute but then flew off but it stopped in the air and showed one last image that said

I Thank you now I understand some people are kind yours truly


Halloween Who are you?

www.dreamstime.com400 √ó 200Search by image

www.dreamstime.com400 √ó 200Search by image

Hi my name is Courtney. I live with 3 people. My brother Noah, my father Angel and me. I know I don’t have a mom. She died when I was 2 years old and when my brother was 4. Whenever my brother Noah and I talked about her how she died are father will just sent us to are rooms. So we never talked about her since then. The day she died I heard something. I heard weird things. I couldn’t describe it. I been trying to figure it out when I was 6.

I was in 5th grade when we had a ¬†Halloween party ¬†at school on October 29. I even been getting bad grades because I never payed attention to the teacher. I been drawing in my text book. I don’t know what some of them mean or what they are. I been looking at one of the pictures I drew when I was in 3rd grade. I drew this picture of a person in a black cape. I didn’t draw the face I never new why. Sometimes I think that the pictures I drew are real.

It was October 29,2015 I was wearing a wizard costume from Harry Pottery. The thing about this costume is it has magic. I know right MAGIC! Let me tell you the story of how this is happened. When I was buying this costume the man said….. ¬†I’m warning you this costume has powers. The other people that came here and bought the costume had changed, he said.” What do you mean changed? I said. Ugh… I said to much. WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM! I demanded.Changing the subject. You want the costume or not he said. Yes I do. Ok don’t say I war- Before he could finish the sentence I went out the door. Ok thanks! I said.

Anyways….. I ¬†saw my friend John. Hey John! I said. What are you suppose to be? He said. A witch duh. What are you supposed to be? I asked. A vampire. That was a dumb question, John said. You don’t really look like a vampire. How don’t I? Well 1 thing is where is your fangs? And second of all vampires aren’t suppose to be out in the sun. Well it’s just pretend Halloween, he said. I know but if you really want to look like a real vampire I suggest you take my advise. Ok. But how am I going to get fangs? Leave it to me, said Courtney. Are you sure I could trust you? Nope. Ugh….. I got a bad feeling of this. RING! The bell rang. Aww. Feww… No not feww. I was going to find you fangs! Wait a minute. Find me fangs? No I meant get you fangs. Hmm… John had a serious face.

Hey John do you want to help my brother and I find some clues. About you? Don’t worry I already know clues about you.Not that. Then what about? My father. What about your dad? I think he killed my mom. Your mom? I nodded. Why do you think your dad would of killed her? I don’t know. What do you remember that night when your mom died? John asked. I was barely 2 years old. But do you remember at least a little bit? Yeah, I said. All I heard was spooky sounds. Really that’s it? Just spooky sounds? Well let me remind you again I was 2 YEARS OLD! Ok…… Ok…… Well what kind of spooky sounds did you hear that night? I don’t know. I can’t describe it. I said. Well ok I will help you. You will? THANK YOU! Ok it’s time for us to get to class. Ok.

John and I where in 3rd period already. John and Courtney your leaving home early for the day. Again, John and Courtney your leaving home early for the day. Hmm? John and I where confused. Why are we leaving home early today? I don’t know he said. RING! Hmm…… John and I checked are phones. Meet me at the Hewes Middle school? What the. Courtney look. Someone texted me. What did they say? They said to meet me at the Hewes Middle school. Me too, I said. But who sent it? I don’t know? So Courtney and John went to Hewes Middle school to go see who send the text message.

Chapter 2

Who are you?

Photo Credit: farnergeorge via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: farnergeorge via Compfight cc

John and Courtney walked into Hewes Middle school to see who had texted them… When John and Courtney entered the room they found stairs. Hey Courtney, whats up here? I don’t know, I said. Want to go check it out? Really. What? Are you serious. Walking around into a school that has been abandoned for 2 thousand years! Shhhh!!! What? You hear that? I hear foot steps. Its getting closer and closer! AHHHH!!!!!!!


My Halloween

My Halloween plan for this year is… First, I was planning to be part of dude perfect with my friends. Dude perfect do trick shots and other fun stuff. They are the best at it and one day I hope to be as good them.

Next, i wanted to be a panda. One reason I wanted to be a panda was because their one of my favorite animals. I tried finding a panda custom but they were to small.

Finally I said being a Minion would be pretty cool. So I went to Target and tried finding one but they didn’t have any. Good thing I had a baseball during the weekend so my mom went to Target and bought it for me. All in all I had a wild ride to find my custom.

The Scary Pumpkin


Photo Credit: Poltri via Compfight cc

Once there was a scary pumpkin, he went by the name of scary Joe. He ate peoples pets. Then there became a group called The Bunch, this included Bob, Jim, and Bill. They were trying to catch the pet eating monster… Scary Joe!

So the bunch made a trap, it had a cat [ witch was used as bate], and a metal cage so when scary Joe tried to eat the cat it would fall on the beast. That night the trap did not work so well, Scary Joe came and ate the cat and the trap did not drop on him. Scary Joe struck again. And the bunch failed again.

So they decided to follow scary Joe to his hideout. When they got to his hideout they followed him up the steps to a house. That house looked very familiar, and it was. It was the house down the street that ever one said was hunted. That scared the bunch a lot, but they followed him anyway. They walked into they house and something took Bill. They all screamed and ran for their lives then something took Jim. Bob was the last one left or at least he thought…

Then a light turned on in the distends Bob herd someone laughing strangely. He screamed and ran the other way when he ran into a figure it was Jim, then he ran into Bob. They decided to never try to catch scary joe and break up the bunch.

My Halloween

This year for Halloween I’m going to my uncles house.Were going to stay all night at his place. My big sister and I are going to carve pumpkins at my uncles house with my Tia. We have never done our Halloween together.

Then we’re going to the pumpkin patch. This is my first year going my uncle he’s never been there before neither has my Tia. My grandma and grandpa might go with us.

I might not go trick or treating this year I’m getting too old my sister said she is too.

My neighbor Art always does a haunted house he scares people of with a fake chainsaw. Last year Art also had Jason with a machete he chased people up and down the street. I always have a good Halloween. I might be in arts Halloween party haunted house.

Not all my family celibates Halloween with us like my mom she doesn’t like going out on that day.Photo Credit: Jonathan Edgecombe via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Jonathan Edgecombe via Compfight cc

Jimmy and Tommy

Once upon a time there was a jack o lantern named Tommy. He was lonely although one day ¬†a jack o lantern came over. Tommy was so excited!! His name is Jimmy. They played the whole day on the lighting and the apple bobbing. After that it was time for Jimmy to go home. Tommy said”Wait!! I have something for you!” Tommy gave Jimmy his own number so that could pumkintalk and pumkinsee. (In human language its texting and facetime!) When Jimmy went home he started putting in Tommy’s number and they started to pumkintalk. After a few minutes of pumkintalk they finally had to stop because there phone was dead. Then after they ate they decided to pumkinsee. After that they had to go and take a bath. After they took a bath they went to bed and the next day, they met and they played with each other on the see-saw. After that they went to school and never saw each other again.

How I celebrate Halloween.

Photo Credit: KittenSloan via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: KittenSloan via Compfight cc

I celebrate Halloween by getting costumes and going trick-or-treating. My little brother is going to be Hulk this year, and I’m going to be Batgirl. I picked Batgirl because I thought my little brother was going to be batman because while we where in the car he was screaming ” BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN”.

So that’s what made me think. So when we where in the store we split up. My mom came with me to pick my costume and my older brother went with my little brother. While my mom and I where walking I was thinking” it would be a good idea for me to be Batgirl and my little brother batman since we are brother and sister”. so we got them and we left i did not notice he got hulk until we got home.

We go trick-or-treating- at night because it’s much funner to see kids with their costumes. We go all over the neighborhood sometimes we even go farther.We go all over the place and try not to skip a house so we can get a lot of candy. After that we get a lot of candy we go home. When we get home we put all of our candy on the carpet to see if the candy is opened or squished, because you never know if someone poisoned it or put something bad for you and you can get really sick. Well that’s how I celebrate Halloween.