Photo Credit: eric.bachellier via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: eric.bachellier via Compfight cc

Horseball is a game played on horseback where a ball is handled and points are scored by shooting it through a hoop. Horseball is originated from Argentina. The game or sport is like a combination of polo, rugby, and basketball.

The Rules of the Game

There is a team of four players and two sustitutes if needed. There is also a minimum of three passess between three players on a team. The opposite team can defend by preventing them from being able to score by either pushing opponents out of the playing area using their horse’s weight or by getting beside a player and grabbing the ball from the opponent. In this situation, each rider must remain seated in the saddle. If a player leaves the saddle they will give away a penalty. If both stay seated and the defender achives to keep hold of the ball for 3 seconds then their team earns a penalty.

When the ball is dropped or falls to the ground, anyone can pick it up as long as they are travelling in the same direction as when the ball was dropped. This is to avoid any riders coming head to head while picking up the ball and to prevent a collision. While picking the ball up during a game the player must not come to a stand still.

I do like doing something a little similar to horse ball. I sometimes go to visit my cousin and his son. From his house we go to a ranch where his horse is and then we go on a track and go horseback riding.

Horseball The Rules Facts

Candy Land


Candy Land  Picture by: Annalize

Candy Land
Picture by: Annalize

Candy Land was made in 1949 in San Diego, California. The inventor is Eleanor Abbott. She invented it because she just got done healing over an injury and she thought that making a board game will keep her busy. She really loved board games. She thought that making a board game for kids suffuring injuries like she did will make them happy. She soon was making and building the game Candy Land. Soon she finished making the game and was ready to put it out in buisness.

Eleanor Abbott wanted to get the game out in buisness so she put it in a voting buisness.The company would vote for the best game and would want to own the game. Eleanor really wanted the game out in buisness so she decided she wanted to do the buisness vote. One day after the voting buisness Eleanor got called by the Milton Bradley Company and said they wanted to own the game.Eleanor said, ”Yes!” Soon after the Milton Bradley Company owned Candy Land another company owned the game. The company was called Hasbro and which is now know as selling alot of  kid toys and a lot of board games!

In additon, after in 2004 when Hasbro company owned Candy Land there was some how the Candy Land game was updated and then had a lot of diffrent versions. Farther in the years 2013 had  been the most exciting year for the Hasbro company. They started to expand on there Candy Land games and made two diffrent versions. They then started making more and more Candy Land board games. Other companies made diffrent versions of Candy Land too because they got inspired by Hasbro. But still out of the other companies Hasbro was the best seller for Candy Land.

For more information about Candy Land check out these websites I used! One website is, Candy Land Wikipedia and another is History of Candy Land

International Ball Sports: What would you play?

I am making a list that has some international sports. International sport are sports that are not played in the USA. One of these sports is lacrosse. This sport was first played by Native American men. they would play this to keep strong and to have a quick mind. Both of these skills were good for war and hunting.

Another ball sport played internationaly is Rugby. Some of the places that this sport is played is in Alstralea, New Zealand, England , and South Africa. This sport was origanaly invented in England. It is played in a rectangular feild with 15 or 13 people on each team.  The ball is oval shaped and players where no armor. This means that they get alot of injurys. I got all information on rugby from Britannica Online

My last ball sport is squash. This sport is played with a small rubber ball and a racket with a handle. The cort is a box and you hit the ball up agains the wall and then the other other player has to hit it. Squash is played in England and there are different versions of it. Some are harder than others. I got all my information on squash from

hey batter batter swing

My favorite sport is baseball because it’s fun to me and i just like whatching it. I play for north east little leguge (nesall). I mostly I play second and ceter field. Right now I currently play for the dogers. Right now our record is 7 wins 6 losts and 1 tie.

My favorite team in baseball is the Angels. I like them because they are the closest team and they are realy good. Last year I went to 5 Angels games and one of thoose five they lost. They also won first place but didn’t win the world series.

My favorite player is Mike Trout. Last year he had 36 Home runs, 111 runs batted in and 115 runs scored. He also had 16 stolen bases. Mike trout also led the American leage in a victory. His idol was Derek Jeter growing up.

Photo Credit: Rich Anderson via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Rich Anderson via Compfight cc

Street Hockey

Photo Credit: Ryan Tir via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Ryan Tir via Compfight cc

Street hockey is hard but easy at the same time. They are 6 players on the street at a time. What you have to shot it and try to make it in the goal but  the other teams goalie is trying to block it. In street hockey you can’t hit people but if you hit them it will be a penalty on your team for two or five minute depening on how hard you hit him.

The first time I played steet hockey it was hard but after awhile I got used to it. When we stared Was

Board games are fun!

Bingo Card and Stamp

Photo Credit: DogertonSkillhause via morguefile


Bingo, the famous raise-money-for-the-church-social game, began in 1530. A toy salesman from New York called Edwin S. Lowe re-invented the game and was the first person to call it Bingo and he first made it for kids then made it for adults later on. Lowe published the game commercially. Later other people made it so they could get money from people when they buy into a game, which was not nice it was suppose to be fun!

Bingo is a game of chance in which each player has one or more cards printed with differently numbered squares and they have markers and they mark each square when the person that calls the numbers calls the number they have. Once they get 4 in a row they call bingo.

If you want more information go to one of these two!

The History of Bingo



Badminton is like tennis but instead of a tennis ball you use a thing called a birdie. Also when you hit the birdie you would have to hit it really hard because the birdie is made of plastic. The racket is like a tennis racket but a little bit smaller. Badminton is a really cool game and it is a hard game. You need a lot of strength to play. In addition birdie is also called a shuttlecock.

These are the rules: first, they flip a coin and whoever won got to choose the side or if they wanted to serve or a receive. The player wins a rally when he strikes the birdie and touches the floor of the opponent’s side when the opponent commits a fault. While  playing the players shouldn’t touch the net with the players racket or body. The player shouldn’t reach over to hit the birdie. When the birdie hits the ceiling it counted a fault.

The game that is similar to Badminton is tennis so I played tennis and it is almost the same as Badminton. In Badminton you have to hit really hard but in tennis you don’t have to hit the ball hard because the ball is very bouncy. That is my post until next time.


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The powers out!

Photo credit coral

Photo credit coral

If the power went out and I could not watch tv or play video games a lot would change Because I spend hours watching tv and a little bit playing video games but I would not really mind very much because I like playing football more then watching tv or playing any old video game. Football is really fun because first of all you get freash air and I just love it its so fun because I love running down the Field  and throwing and receiveing the ball.

Playing football is realaxing to me because I mostly play it with my family and it is  fun just to be with my family members and since we dont have a big enough backyard we would go to the park and at the park you have more space to run around with the football. Thats why I would not care if the power did go out.

But if the power went out during night time then I would play with my legos they  are realaxing to me because I dont use instructions sometimes I just build what I see in my mind because you can just be creative. What do you guys do thats realaxing?

Games! Games! Games!

MonpolyI love playing Monopoly. When my family has game night we always vote for Monopoly. Monopoly can be traced back to the early 20th century. The game existed as early as 1902.The first version of the game was designed by an American, Elizabeth Magie.


 Magie originally intended The Landlord’s Game to show the economic consequences of Ricardo’s Law of Economic rent. Georgist concepts of economic privilege and land value taxation. She also got the idea from the book The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game. She never expected for it to become a family game for everyone to play.

What is your favorite board game?

Sites I used for research:

No Electricity

Photo credit:DavidA.

Photo credit:David

If the power was out then, I have no Idea what to do about it. So I’d rather read my diary of the wimpy kid book and let my dad do the work! But how will the candles work if I need power. Well, I geuss I’m going to have to do something else sence I finnished all the book series so, I well just play a family game. So I just start to feel bord now for the family game were so I just layed down. But then, I saw the cable wires ripped in the streets!

So I called the men and they said they were going to fix the problem. I got so that We would not be able to do things that need electricity! When I looked at the window they were fixing the cable wires with wierd thqings. So I called them and told them If  how many day or weeks is it going to take. And they said it was going to take 10 weeks!

At least it was so bad after all I mean, 10 weeks thats not a bummer. Its been so long for now, I guess it was a bad idea to ask because, why, why does this have to happen to me. I never did nothing!! Well I geuss it was ten weeks and theres still no light after all! Well