My favorite sport is baseball. I really enjoy baseball. My favorite position in baseball is 1st base. There are many baseball teams in the world. My favorite baseball team is the Angels.

Baseball is a good way to exercise. If you have a lot of energy baseball is also a good way to get your energy out. Baseball keeps you healthy you can run, play catch, or hit the ball. You can run drills in baseball. You can do something called a bucket drill, where you hit ground balls to the team and the put it in the bucket. You can also do a drill called Criss-Cross where you pass it around the bases.

Baseball is a team sport. You make a lot of friends when you play team sports. You have to have good team spirit. You can have team spirit just by cheering on your team. If you don’t have team spirit you are letting your team down.

Do you play baseball or like baseball  or do you play any other sports?

My Favorite Soccer Team

This Soccer Team FC Barcelona is my Favorite because it has Leonel Menssi and Neymar Jr  they can dribble and juke .The best part about this team is that Messi scored over 200 goals and won again’st Real Madrid , and Real Madrid is the best team ever but this team in my opinion,but FC Barcelona won Real Madrid.

Let’s see, when Messi on a game they pass it to him he dribble and juke half the team of Real Mardid and even the player Ronaldo he sored 1 goal and the other Saurez  he is good to but Messi and Neymar Jr are better. Messi is also in the team Argentina and Neymar Jr is in Brazil.

So do you think this Team is Good? or what because they beat Real Madrid! and now they are wining Real Madrid on Point they are at the Top of the points and wining games


drawn by Isrrael


Zipping Through The Line

My favorite thing to do is Zip lining.

The thing why I like to zip line is because ever since I was toddler I always wanted to fly (besides a plane). Zip lining is like flying but with a line. The great thing about zip lining is the view of the mountains and how high you are. It’s a great and fun way to overcome the fear of heights. It makes me feel brave like flying like a bird.

Its a great way to interact and gets you closer to nature because zip lining is a mountain sport. It’s a sport where there is no motor,oil, and gas. It’s common in South America. I’m going to tell you the first time I zip lined. I went to a zip lining at Skull Canyon in Corona. It was a beautiful day. It was blue sky at noon when we got there.

I was going to zip line with my brother Brandon. I got ready with the equipment that we need to zip line. We hiked up to the top of mountain which took 10 minutes. When I went through the first line I panicked. I panicked so much I yelled out “I am Groot” because Groot is a tree and when I panic I stay straight and yell out.The people with me laughed like crazy. After the first line I said to myself “It wasn’t so bad it was fun”. Then I rode 5 other Zip lines.

Photo Credit: sebadelval Via pixabay

Photo Credit: sebadelval
Via pixabay

I if you want to learn fun facts about zip lining click the link right here:

Zip Lining Facts

If you have zip lined, tell me what zip line place you have been to and write a story about it?

Week 5: Favorites

Great job on last week’s Student Blogging Challenge. This week will be a longer task. Due to Spring Break you will have two and a half weeks to work on your post. The post will be due April 15th.

The topic this week is Favorites.

Post Requirements:

  1. At least three paragraphs
  2. An image, video, or music with correct attribution
  3. A title that grabs the attention of the readers
  4. At least one link to another website so readers can build on the information you have written
  5. A question for readers to answer

OK, so what is the post supposed to be about? Pick something that is your favorite (food, book, movie, author, sport, hobby, etc.) and tell the world about it. You need to make sure your post focuses on only one thing, not multiple favorites. Please plan and organize your writing, especially since this is a multi-paragraph writing assignment.


This week’s challenge allows for a great deal of creativity. Please check out the Student Blogging Challenge sidebar titled “Web tools to use.” These are great creation tools and I would love to see you try creating some sort of media to add to your favorites post. Explore, experiment, have fun!

Activity 4 Poke Day


by Emma

I think they should be a day called poke day. Poke day celebrates the day when Pokemon first came out. You can get fire, grass or water Pokemon for a shiny and all of the three Pokemon have to be captured with a normal pokeball. And in the game you get a poke prize and in the poke prize is a master ball or a shiny Pokemon and much more cool stuff. At the end of poke day you have to draw a picture of your favorite Pokemon and give the picture to your friend or family and they have to get that Pokemon in the game. It’s a good day because you also get to fight with people all over the world. And get to chat and trade with the people.

Activity 4 Hockey Day

Hockey Day

Hockey Day by Seth

_____________________ HOCKEY DAY_________________

Hockey day would be a day that comes once a year all the young hockey fans can meet there favorite hockey pros for and spend a day with them and even adults can come to this event, and people can meet each other and become friends all for free, and get autographs and other  merchandise.

Activity 4 electricity day

If I could make up a holiday it would be called save electricity day. Electricity day would be celebrated on May 7. It would be celebrated because we all want to conserve electricity. And we would all not use electricity for one hour. Because even one hour of not using electricity can go along way.